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I’ve been saying for some time now that the police are just recorders of crime.

When Joe Public notifies the police that a crime has been committed, if the police even bother to turn up, a few questions are asked and an incident number is dished out so the victim can claim on their insurance and off they drive.

Now it seems the police are concentrating on arresting the victims instead of the perpetrators.

dogattackA geezer who charged down the ‘apples and pears’ (stairs) of his block of flats in his “trolleys” (underpants) carrying a steak knife because he heard his pregnant girlfriend, Sonya Freeman, screaming as two pitbull type dogs were trying to bite her arm off was arrested.

No he didn’t stab the two owners nor the vicious dogs he just fended off the dogs to get his seven-month-pregnant girlfriend back into their flat to call an ambulance so she could be taken to hospital.

Mr Bryant, 39, the rescuer, who works at the same family-run bakery as his partner, is now awaiting his hearing in Medway Magistrates’ Court on Monday, July 7th.

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