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SKY’s dodgy goings on?

Posted: July 17, 2014 in General
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boy-breaking-windowAnyone had problems with SKY broadband? I lost my connection yesterday after years with no problems so I get on the ‘dog and bone’ (phone) wait for a few minutes for an agent to be free. After telling them my problem, that I was knocked off the internet and can’t get back on, they immediately started to give me the spiel how I could get their new sports channel and free broadband for two years if I took another 18 month contract out.

As it happens we have to have SKY television because without it we get hardly any digital television channels so I agreed to this after all I will save myself £7.50 a month. Checks were carried out on my net connection and apparently SKY have been updating software for the router which I was told was probably the problem. A few buttons pushed at their end and hey presto I’m back on line.

Call me paranoid if you like but it’s a bit of a coincidence that I am out of my SKY contract and let’s face it BT have virtually sewn up television sports so tempting me with free broadband to lure me into extending my contract would make sound business sense.

So how could SKY reach out to their out of contract customers and sign them up for another eighteen months? Hmmmm now let me think, I know knock them off the internet so they have to make a phone call to SKY.

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