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19n17bass-489845A benefit fraudster who raked in £56,000 benefits by claiming he was too ­disabled to walk has been jailed for a year after being caught jumping around stage playing double bass in a rock band.

David Ballantyne was receiving dis­ability allowance after claiming he could not work and had difficulty walking 10 to 15 yards or climbing stairs because of a knee injury.
After being grassed up,obviously he struck a wrong chord with somebody, he was put under surveillance by fraud investigators who discovered him playing with the group Chuck Wagon.

The band, described as a rock ’n’ roll trio with a country twist, included actor Alun Lewis, who played Vic Windsor in Emmerdale and Darryl Stubbs in Birds Of A Feather.
During a search of his home in Kirkheaton, West Yorkshire, diaries were seized which showed the trio had been busy rehearsing and performing all over the country.

Ballantyne also had been doing IT work for individuals and companies, had helped a neighbour put up scaffolding and done regular decorating at his home. He also pretended he was a tenant at the house where he lived with his former partner and daughter in order to claim housing benefit.

In all he received £25,498 in income support, £17,797 in housing benefit and £12,828 in disability allowance – a total of £56,123 to which he was not entitled.
Ballantyne admitted four fraud charges.
Jailing him for 12 months, Recorder Tim Hirst said he had failed to disclose the truth about his improving condition. Charges of conspiracy against his ex-partner Denise Denman, 49, were dropped.

Full nitty gritty HERE


LSST-logoNo wonder the Romanian and Bulgarian immigration figures appear to be low it’s because they can claim money and not even live in the UK.

Apparently up to 3,000 Romanians and Bulgarians have been claiming money to study in our colleges without proper proof of residence in the UK.
The London School of Science and Technology (LSST) in Wembley is accused of recruiting students off the street and ignoring a lack of basic skills to put more of them on its books.
It is claimed that in one ‘ghost’ class, not a single student had turned up 35 minutes after the lesson had started.
A whistleblower told how a Romanian student described her approach. ‘She said “I get on a plane, I come to London. I stay for a week or two, and then I go back home and I get my student loan, maintenance, and I make more money than I would [in Romania]”.’

It follows Coalition reforms which allowed students at such institutions to claim maintenance loans and grants worth up to £11,000 a year.
Colleges can be handed £6,000 in tuition fees for each student they enrol.
Over the past three years, LSST students have received more than £25million while the college has benefited from £6.5million paid to it in tuition fees.

A benefit fraudster who hoovered up thousands of pounds of taxpayers money has been jailed.
Denise Dyson (her name was Dyson so she hoovered up benefits, get it) one half of a married couple who unlawfully acquired more than £45,000 between them – was jailed for nine months at Manchester Crown Court.
dysonDyson, of Newland Avenue, Pemberton, failed to notify the Department of Work and Pensions of her marriage to husband Terence in 2001 and that she was living with him. Between 2006 and 2011 she claimed income support as a single occupant plus Council Tax benefit from the council and was overpaid £22,000 in total.
I love this bit, Mrs Dyson did not inform her family that she was due in court and a missing persons report was filed in her name when she did not return home after her hearing.
Dyson fooled authorities by claiming her benefits under her maiden name of Denise Anglesea. She had also received a previous conviction in 2010 for working while in receipt of benefits, unlawfully claiming more than £9,000, and received a 12-month Community Order.
Earlier this year Terence Dyson escaped a custodial sentence after pleading guilty to three theft offences. The 65-year-old stole £24,000 worth of plumbing equipment from Bryn-based Norstrom Group during his time as its divisional manager. He received a 10-month prison sentence suspended for a year, 200 hours’ unpaid work and was hit with a curfew.

A mother was jailed at Southend Crown Court on Monday after admitting a series of benefit fraud charges.
27Anuoluwapa Oloyede-Samuel, 42, of Aveley, was sentenced to 15 months in prison of which she has to serve at least half. Her husband, Ololeye Ololeke Oloyede-Samuel, 42, received a one-year sentence suspended for two years and also ordered to undertake 200 hours of unpaid work within 12 months.
Both had previously been convicted for similar benefit fraud offences by Croydon Council where they were given suspended jail sentences, but judge Mr Recorder Royall advised these would not be taken into consideration. Oh what!

In the latest case, Thurrock Council was the prosecutor. The court was told Mrs Oloyede-Samuel admitted she fraudulently claimed more than £60,000 in Income Support and Housing and Council Tax Benefit in respect of 27 Hanford Road, Aveley, by lying about her true personal and financial circumstances.

She claimed her husband was not living with her, that she had a tenancy agreement with City Real Estates, she had a rental liability of £1,250 per month, neither she nor her husband was in paid employment or owned any property, that neither she nor her husband had any bank accounts except those declared, and that neither she nor her husband had any income except Income Support and Child Benefit.

Further enquiries into Mr Oloyede-Samuel revealed he did not have leave to remain in the UK, he had a number of undeclared bank accounts – one of which showed he had been working as a security officer.
During the claim period in Thurrock, a total of £244,256.05 had been credited to the undeclared bank accounts.

In November 2009, police and investigators from Thurrock Council attended 27 Hanford Road, Aveley, where the defendants were present. A search was conducted and a number of documents seized.
Following further investigations and interviews, assessors from the Department for Work and Pensions determined Mrs Oloyede-Samuel had no entitlement to Income Support, resulting in an overpayment of £46,165.61 and Thurrock Council assessed that both defendants were overpaid £12,787.49 in Housing Benefit and £1,478.44 in Council Tax Benefit.
In total Mrs Oloyede-Samuel had been overpaid £60,431.54 in benefits; £14,265.93 of which related to Mr Oloyede-Samuel as well.

The couple have four children aged between two and nine and they have lived in Exeter for over a year now. Hmmm, I hope Exeter Council is keeping a watchful eye on this fraudster couple and how come no mention of them paying back the money out of their £¼m stash in the bank nor the geezer being deported.

Percy’s idea to improve hospital care overnight and save lives.

The Government charges the person responsible for running these killer hospitals with Corporate Manslaughter and see they get a prison sentence.


How mad is this.

Some of the Weller family made a visit to the seaside at Broadstairs, Kent yesterday and brought back rock in the form of fish fingers, chips and peas bought in a sweet shop in the town. I wonder if the fish fingers have Broadstairs written through them, I’ll let you know.


An Iraqi immigrant who was on the ‘hey diddle diddle (fiddle) falsely claimed at least £35,000 in benefits over 10 years has walked free.
Majid Hussain claimed income support, housing benefit and a council tax reduction for more than a decade despite having over £36,000 squirrelled away in a bank account.
He had denied three counts of benefit fraud but was found guilty at Exeter Crown Court and was handed a nine month suspended sentence.

article-0-16D42014000005DC-616_306x423The court had heard during the trial how Hussain, of Exeter in Devon, arrived in the UK as a mature student in the 1980s funded by Saddam Hussein’s government.
He was left around £18,000 by his father but said that the money had been put into a Royal Bank of Scotland account for use as a trust fund to pay for his children’s education. The unemployed 62-year-old didn’t declared the savings when claiming benefits he reckoned that under Sharia law he did not consider the money to belong to him. More of this old cobblers later. While claiming benefits, his stash doubled to £36,000.

Hussain, who has never worked since he arrived in the UK, received at least £35,000 in benefits between 1997 and 2010 though the exact figure can never be determined because records do not go back far enough.
The father of four stopped receiving income support after the existence of the account was revealed in 2010 at which point he immediately began withdrawing money from it. Sharia law went out the window at this point then.

However, all’s not lost for this geezer as he is still receiving disability living allowance because he suffers from Crohn’s Disease, kidney problems and muscle pain.

Death by guitar?

broken-string-guitarA nurse who it is alleged risked a patient committing suicide by leaving him alone with a guitar is facing punishment from her governing body. Apparently Christine O’Meara’s error could have allowed the man to hang himself with a string from the instrument.
The patient was on suicide watch at the Guild Lodge Care Home in Preston, Lancs, after previously trying to kill himself by strangulation and driving into a brick wall. I play the guitar and I find taking a string out of the guitar gives it a life of its own and controlling the twisting turning string without losing your eye is hard enough without trying to fashion a noose out of it.

No money for elderly but shed loads for foreign paramilitaries

Ethiopian-policeBritain is spending £15 million on training Ethiopian paramilitaries that have been accused of human rights abuses including summary killings, rape and torture.
A government security force known as the “special police” operating in the eastern Ogaden region will be supported as part of a UK-funded “peace and development programme” lasting five years.

Link to what these paramilitaries get up to.

Angolan-born Madalena Kitoko, mother-of-three, who conned our benefits system out of £53,868 over seven years walked free from court after a judge sent her on a soft-touch “women’s programme”.
She could have been jailed for up to three years and deported but no it was decided to hand the unemployed fraudster a suspended sentence and ordered her to attend 12 two-hour sessions with probation officers to talk about her behaviour, emotions and relationships.
Kitoko, 29, from Southampton, was even told she will not be made to pay the cash back but have tiny amounts docked from future benefit payments instead.

An arrest warrant has been issued for an alleged bogus asylum seeker accused of conning his way into a job with the Serious Organised Crime Agency. Elidon Habilaj, 35, worked for the Metropolitan Police before transferring to an office job with SOCA, which deals with criminal networks including those based in the Balkans.
He is due to stand trial on three counts of obtaining leave to remain in the UK by deception, fraud, and possession of ID documents with improper intent, in January next year.

Habilaj, of Wanstead, East London, was bailed and fled abroad, possibly to his homeland, despite not having his passport. He has renounced his UK citizenship and applied for an Albanian passport.

Talking about illegals in security positions and suchlike

UKBA officers have arrested five people as part of an investigation into suspected illegal working at a security firm. Raids were carried out at addresses in south east London on Thursday 18th October, including Blue Feathers Guarding Ltd, based at Thames Innovation Centre, Veridion Way, Erith.

The operation was carried out in conjunction with the Security Industry Authority (SIA). Residential addresses in Floathaven Way, Thamesmead, and Sandpiper Close, Greenhithe, were also searched. The five detained included three Nigerian men aged 44, 49 and 52; and a Zimbabwean woman and man aged 32 and 34.
All were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to help, apart from the 52-year-old who was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit fraud and illegal immigration. Four of them were also arrested for SIA offences, as they were found engaging in licensable conduct without holding an SIA licence. The 4th person is suspected of employing unlicensed guards.
Guess what, they’ve all been bailed to return for various dates between 20th November and 4th December 2012. Will they won’t they turn up, you decide.

Talking about Africans

A family of African fraudsters stole at least £4m from taxpayers in a 20-year scam. Ruth Nabuguzi created fake identities for up to 100 children to milk the benefit system. She also claimed to suffer from HIV and require costly drugs which she sent them back to Uganda to be sold for shed loads of money. The court heard that supplying the drugs for so many years cost the taxpayer more than £2m.
A further £154,000 went on education for the ‘family’, with £37,500 for a single higher education course. Fraud relating to accommodation costs and sub-letting of flats cost £650,000, and the family’s many benefits totalled £900,000.

Dennis Kyeyune, 29, is thought to be Nabuguzi’s son or nephew. Police found a black holdall at his east London home hidden on a shed roof with a vast array of fake documents, described as a ‘kitbag for the commission of identity fraud’.

Other members of the gang include Jordan Sebutemba, 26, thought to be Nabuguzi’s daughter or niece;
Albert Kaidi, a former partner of Sebutemba who is believed to be from Rwanda; and Lamulah Sekiziyuvu, 36, a former partner of both Keyuyne and Kaidi.
Kyeyune, Sebutemba, Kaidi and Sekiziyuvu were found guilty of various fraud offences yesterday.

They will be sentenced along with Nabuguzi and Betty Tibakawa, 21, Lina Katongola, 29, Mathy Matumba, 50, and Eddie Carlos Semcenda, 30, next week.