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Almost a quarter of a million pounds is owed by 38 businesses in Wales for employing illegal workers.
The businesses concerned are mostly small-time takeaways but household, or as I would say it ‘ouseold’, names like Costcutter and Lifestyle Express are also on the list.

The businesses are spread all around the country and range from a £2,500 fine imposed on Golden Fry, in Rhymney, to the £20,000 penalties imposed on Natraj Tandoori, in Bridgend, and Red Hot China in Llanharan.

The 38 are

bambooEight til Late in Ferndale, Rhondda, owes £5,000.
The Asia Restaurant, in Llandudno, owe £10,000. The business’s Muktovir Shmed blamed the previous owner. That old chestnut!
Bamboo House in Pwllheli owe £7,500.
Central House fish and chip shop in Ystradgynlais, Swansea, owes £5,000.
Cheeky Pizza in Colwyn Bay owe £5,000.
Cinnamon Spice, in Ferndale, Rhondda, owe £5,000. The firm’s Mohammed Ali said: “I’m the new owner, I’ve been here a month.”

Costcutter in High Street, Merthyr Tydfil, owe £5,000.
Curry Express in Cwm, Ebbw Vale owe £5,000. Raj, who did not want to give his surname, said: “The owner has changed. The matter is going to court.”
Drinks Express, also known as Caereithin Off Licence, owes £5,000.
Ferndale Chargrill, in High Street, Ferndale, which also owes £5,000.
Golden Fry, in High Street, Rhymney owes £2,500.
Golden Star, in Gadlys Road, Aberdare, owes £10,000.
The Gourmet San and K Max, in Storrar Road, Cardiff, owes £10,000. Business partner Mike Cheung said: “There was a previous owner. I’ve no idea what happened to him. He just ran away. A lot of people are looking for him.”
Hafod Hand Car Wash in Neath Road, Swansea, owes £5,000.

natrajKing Kebab and Pizza in College Street, Newcastle Emlyn, owes £5,000.
Lifestyle Express in Ystalyfera, Swansea, owes £5,000.
Mango Express in Shopping Parade, Penyrheol, Caerphilly, owes £5,000.
Mango House Indian Restaurant in High Street, Merthyr Tydfil, is listed twice, once as owing £5,000 and once as owing £2,500.
Natraj Restaurant, in Wyndham Street, Bridgend, owes £20,000.
The New Sun Rise takeaway in The Avenue, Llanelli, owes £5,000.
P&M Stores in Hillside Terrace, Porth, owes £5,000.
Pizza Plus in Taff Street, Pontypridd, owes £5,000.
Poppadom Express in Church Street, Merthyr Tydfil, owes £5,000.
Premier Express in Beaufort Rise, Ebbw Vale, owes £5,000.

Red Hot China in Chapel Road, Llanharan, owes £20,000.
Samirah Bangladesh Tandoori in Regent Street, Llangollen, owes £5,000.
Seventh Heaven Chinese takeaway in Windsor Road, Neath, owes £5,000.
Shaftesbury Hand Car Wash in Albany Street, Newport, owes £5,000.
Star Anise, in New Road, Skewen, Neath, owes £5,000.
Taste of Raj, in Cardiff Street, Aberdare, owes £5,000.

tuckThe Godfather takeaway in Queen Street, Rhyl, owes £5,000.
The Indian Palace in Tregwilym Road, Newport, owes £5,000.
Towngate in Raleigh Walk, Cardiff, owes £10,000.
The Tuck In Grill House in Cowbridge Road East, Cardiff, owes £5,000.
Tuck Inn, also in Cowbridge Road East, Cardiff, owes £5,000.
Wave Car Wash, in Clive Street, Cardiff, owes £5,000.
Yummy Kitchen in Broadway, Cardiff, owes £5,000.

Supposedly employers can be jailed for two years for employing illegal workers and be banned from holding directorships. The annoying thing about these non paying businesses is that if a council tenant owes a few hundred quid the bailiffs are sent in a quick as the councils can get it organised.
If our government had any ‘bottle and glass’ (arse) they would shut down these businesses caught employing illegal workers there and then until someone comes up with the dosh (cash).

I grabbed this off the Home Office web site notice these figures are only for a three month period.







NHS fraudster jailed

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A former head of financial accounting at an NHS Trust in East Sussex who defrauded the NHS of £2.2 million has been sentenced to 5 years and 4 months imprisonment.

Trevor Barry Cosson, 38, of Hastings, East Sussex, pleaded guilty to offences under the Fraud Act (2006) and Proceeds of Crime Act (2002) to defraud Hastings and Rother Primary Care Trust (PCT) and East Sussex Downs and Weald PCT of £2.2 million. He used the money to buy an extensive portfolio of eleven properties in East Sussex and London.
_76603820_76603456The fraud was discovered after a restructure of the PCTs that Trevor Cosson previously worked for. The PCTs were disbanded and a new organisation was created – Sussex and Surrey Commissioning Support Unit – which had responsibility for financial matters. An end of year audit carried out by the new body revealed suspicious payments of hundreds of thousands of pounds. The matter was then referred to NHS Protect for investigation, who gathered evidence of further fraudulent activities by Cosson.

Cosson manipulated the internal payments systems of both of the PCTs he worked for. Standing orders were set up in the name of regular suppliers but the payments were actually credited to bank accounts controlled by Cosson. Between 2008 and 2011 Cosson authorised £810,000 worth of standing order payments, and £1.4m worth of payments between 2011 and 2012 via an internal payments system.

19n17bass-489845A benefit fraudster who raked in £56,000 benefits by claiming he was too ­disabled to walk has been jailed for a year after being caught jumping around stage playing double bass in a rock band.

David Ballantyne was receiving dis­ability allowance after claiming he could not work and had difficulty walking 10 to 15 yards or climbing stairs because of a knee injury.
After being grassed up,obviously he struck a wrong chord with somebody, he was put under surveillance by fraud investigators who discovered him playing with the group Chuck Wagon.

The band, described as a rock ’n’ roll trio with a country twist, included actor Alun Lewis, who played Vic Windsor in Emmerdale and Darryl Stubbs in Birds Of A Feather.
During a search of his home in Kirkheaton, West Yorkshire, diaries were seized which showed the trio had been busy rehearsing and performing all over the country.

Ballantyne also had been doing IT work for individuals and companies, had helped a neighbour put up scaffolding and done regular decorating at his home. He also pretended he was a tenant at the house where he lived with his former partner and daughter in order to claim housing benefit.

In all he received £25,498 in income support, £17,797 in housing benefit and £12,828 in disability allowance – a total of £56,123 to which he was not entitled.
Ballantyne admitted four fraud charges.
Jailing him for 12 months, Recorder Tim Hirst said he had failed to disclose the truth about his improving condition. Charges of conspiracy against his ex-partner Denise Denman, 49, were dropped.

Full nitty gritty HERE

eunigeriaA bogus “bride” and “groom” were led away in handcuffs after they attempted to go through with a suspected sham marriage in Leeds.

Five people were arrested after Home Office immigration officials swooped before the ceremony was due to begin at Leeds Register Office, Yorkshire.

A 32-year-old Nigerian “groom” and his wannbe “bride”, a 29-year-old Slovakian woman, were arrested moments before the ceremony was due to begin.
Two witnesses, a 48-year-old man from Slovakia and a 54-year-old Nigerian woman, were also arrested.They also detained a 49-year-old Nigerian man who was found hiding in the ‘Khasi’ (toilet). Officers from the Home Office also seized a quantity of cash on Tuesday.

Four people have been charged with conspiracy to facilitate a breach of UK immigration law and the 54-year-old Nigerian woman was released on bail so she can probably go and be a sham wedding witness somewhere else.

Immigration officers revealed how they prevented around 70 sham marriages taking place in a single month by monitoring weddings before they took place at Leeds Town Hall in 2012.

I’ve been saying for some time now that the police are just recorders of crime.

When Joe Public notifies the police that a crime has been committed, if the police even bother to turn up, a few questions are asked and an incident number is dished out so the victim can claim on their insurance and off they drive.

Now it seems the police are concentrating on arresting the victims instead of the perpetrators.

dogattackA geezer who charged down the ‘apples and pears’ (stairs) of his block of flats in his “trolleys” (underpants) carrying a steak knife because he heard his pregnant girlfriend, Sonya Freeman, screaming as two pitbull type dogs were trying to bite her arm off was arrested.

No he didn’t stab the two owners nor the vicious dogs he just fended off the dogs to get his seven-month-pregnant girlfriend back into their flat to call an ambulance so she could be taken to hospital.

Mr Bryant, 39, the rescuer, who works at the same family-run bakery as his partner, is now awaiting his hearing in Medway Magistrates’ Court on Monday, July 7th.

For full nitty gritty click HERE

article-2656728-196D37C900000578-895_634x424Plans being discussed by Tories will see benefits docked from feckless parents who refuse to take classes on how to improve their children’s discipline, diet and exercise.

That’s all very well but how about tackling migrants who ruin a village and the inhabitants lives.

Hexthorpe has a population of 3,300 and 500 Roma residents, most of whom are said to have arrived since January when entry rules to the UK were relaxed.
Villagers claim Roma groups are fly-tipping and leaving litter in the streets. They say they make so much noise at night that elderly residents have to sleep with ear plugs, while others are scared to go outside, there are also allegations of assault.


Minister for Defence Personnel, Welfare and Veterans, Anna Soubry has said some people she saw with concerns about immigration were “frankly racist”:
“When you make the case with people who come and see me in my constituency surgery who say I’m really worried about immigration. You say really, why?
This is Broxtowe. We don’t have a problem with immigrants
When you explain all that to them they get it. Not all of it.
Some people have prejudices, some people are frankly racist, but there are many who just don’t know the argument.”

Here’s why people are worried about immigration dear.

A Latvian geezer who entered our country, Peteris Vankovs, 51, had been jailed in Latvia for nine-and-a-half years in June 1997 and 15 years in October the same year for killing two people.
So this two time killer comes into our country as easy as you like obviously without any checks to see if he has any convictions, bear in mind if any one of us volunteers to help out in a school or with some job applications we have to have a DBS checks (Disclosure and Barring Service) the replacement for CRB check which we have to pay for. If you have some sort of criminal conviction you can’t be allowed into the school or get certain jobs.

Anyway this bloke Vankovs stabbed Tatjana Ivanova in the thigh after threatening to kill her and her children by burning her house down in Murston, Sittingbourne. This was because his girlfriend, Zanetta Tolkunova, moved into the home of Miss Ivanova.

Apparently Vankovs suddenly appeared in Miss Ivanova’s kitchen on November 8th last year, shouting: “It doesn’t matter who I will kill. I will burn your house down, kill you and your children.”
He punched her three times in the ‘boat race’ (face), before grabbing a kitchen knife and stabbing her once in her right thigh.
Vankovs, of no fixed address, was acquitted of making a threat to kill. He denied both charges, but admitted the lesser offence of unlawful wounding.
Helped by an interpreter, he claimed he stabbed Miss Ivanova by accident or recklessness. It was not accepted by the prosecution.
Recorder Nelson remanded Vankovs in custody and adjourned sentence until June 30th for reports to assess dangerousness.

Meanwhile in Spain

Hundreds of Britons, many of them retired, are believed to be cheating the welfare system as they enjoy life soaking up the Spanish ‘currant bun’ (sun).
There are so many the Department of Works and Pensions has set up a dedicated fraud investigation team in Madrid to tackle the scandal.
To read all the nitty gritty click here