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SKY’s dodgy goings on?

Posted: July 17, 2014 in General
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boy-breaking-windowAnyone had problems with SKY broadband? I lost my connection yesterday after years with no problems so I get on the ‘dog and bone’ (phone) wait for a few minutes for an agent to be free. After telling them my problem, that I was knocked off the internet and can’t get back on, they immediately started to give me the spiel how I could get their new sports channel and free broadband for two years if I took another 18 month contract out.

As it happens we have to have SKY television because without it we get hardly any digital television channels so I agreed to this after all I will save myself £7.50 a month. Checks were carried out on my net connection and apparently SKY have been updating software for the router which I was told was probably the problem. A few buttons pushed at their end and hey presto I’m back on line.

Call me paranoid if you like but it’s a bit of a coincidence that I am out of my SKY contract and let’s face it BT have virtually sewn up television sports so tempting me with free broadband to lure me into extending my contract would make sound business sense.

So how could SKY reach out to their out of contract customers and sign them up for another eighteen months? Hmmmm now let me think, I know knock them off the internet so they have to make a phone call to SKY.

Save £1bn over 5 years by cutting child benefit but we could save £50bn by stopping foreign aid over 5 years!


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930667-2d6d9ab0-eb94-11e3-a4d2-9efb85c9fed0I’ve already had my fill of repeat and ‘pony and trap’ (crap) programmes during the football World Cup not knowing what will be on tv on any particular day. Just when programmes are getting back to normal the Commonwealth Games rears its ugly head but we could be saved.

A strike by thousands of BBC staff could lead to disruption in the broadcasting of the Commonwealth Games.Technicians, journalists and other corporation employees are set to walk out over a pay row at midday on Wednesday – the day Glasgow 2014 gets under way.

Members of the National Union of Journalists, Bectu and Unite will carry out a 12-hour strike.
BBC1 live coverage of the ceremony, presented by Gary Lineker, Hazel Irvine and Clare Balding, is due to begin at 8pm next Wednesday and run until 11pm – with the strike going on throughout.

Coverage is set to feature the Queen reading the message contained in the Commonwealth baton, which has been carried across the globe.The strike will be followed by a “work to rule”, which may have a further impact on coverage in the following days.

Have a ‘butchers hook’ (look) at the picture it shows an Australian swimming competitor in his Commonwealth kit, he deserves a medal just for wearing that out.

Now that’s what I call race mixing!



Commies-Under-BedRussian agents are secretly working with environmental campaigners to halt fracking operations in the UK and the rest of Europe, the head of Nato warned yesterday.

Vladimir Putin’s government has ‘engaged actively’ with green groups and protesters in a sophisticated operation aimed at maintaining Europe’s reliance on energy exports from Moscow, said Nato Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen. Oh for Fogh sake!

He said the Russians had mounted a highly developed disinformation campaign to undermine attempts to exploit alternative energy sources such as shale gas.

The government has found another way to milk the public of their hard earned cash.

Families are being held to ransom as passport backlog hits 500,000, holidaymakers are told to pay £55 extra or risk not getting their passports in time for their holiday. Backlog caused by incompetence or a deliberate policy, you decide.

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Meanwhile government increases fines to boost their coffers even more.

Maximum fines imposed by magistrates are set to rise dramatically under new proposals for England and Wales. The highest maximum limits, for offences including motorway speeding, could increase from £2,500 to £10,000.

I’m waiting for the government to introduce a fine for anyone caught farting in public.


rednapJamie Redknapp is the new face of Avon’s Elite Gentleman fragrance range.

Now call me old fashioned but I always thought aftershave or Eau de toilette was slapped on your ‘boat race’ (face) after having a ‘dig in the grave’ (shave) as the alcohol content prevents infection of cuts, as well as to act as an astringent to reduce skin irritation.

So a geezer like Redknapp who has a permanent stubble and a bad taste in cardigans seems a funny choice to promote aftershave. Perhaps he uses it to make his stubble smell nice.

There you are thinking you’re the dogs bollocks when somebody comes along and bursts your bubble.

A Government minister was subject to abuse while acting as a guest Big Issue seller to highlight the plight of sweaty sock land’s (Scotland) homeless. Which is a bit ironic when you read on and find he was supporting eastern Europeans selling Big Issue. So supporting foreigners earning a crust selling Big Issue and presumably living in accommodation or cardboard boxes that the Scottish homeless could do with.

Humza_-_Big_Sell_OffAnyway Humza Yousaf was among a number of politicians, actors and television presenters to take to the streets for International Street Paper Vendor Week along with full-time vendors from eastern Europe.
The minister for external affairs and international development was selling the magazine outside Glasgow Queen Street Station last week when a man said “f*** off back home” to the Big Issue team, before threatening him.
The man then launched into a tirade about Romanians and Bulgarian immigrants in Scotland.
The Glasgow-list MSP told The Scotsman:

“I was selling the Big Issue at the Dundas Street entrance and the Big Issue team were filming me and other ­politicians.
“This chap came up to us and when I tried to give him some of my sales patter, he said, ‘Not from the likes of you, you’re not from my country’, or something to that effect.
“I turned around and said, ‘I think you’ll find I’m from Scotland, my home’. Then he came pretty much into my face, in a threatening manner, and he went on a rant about Romanians and Bulgarians in Scotland. I’ve been called pretty much everything you can think of by people like the Scottish Defence League, but by far the worst is being told to go home.”

Mr Yousaf, 28, said he has ­reported the incident to police and hopes the suspect will be traced. Boo hoo Mr Policeman somebody called me names.