Minister Anna Soubry doesn’t know why we are worried about immigration

Posted: June 3, 2014 in Law & Disorder
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Minister for Defence Personnel, Welfare and Veterans, Anna Soubry has said some people she saw with concerns about immigration were “frankly racist”:
“When you make the case with people who come and see me in my constituency surgery who say I’m really worried about immigration. You say really, why?
This is Broxtowe. We don’t have a problem with immigrants
When you explain all that to them they get it. Not all of it.
Some people have prejudices, some people are frankly racist, but there are many who just don’t know the argument.”

Here’s why people are worried about immigration dear.

A Latvian geezer who entered our country, Peteris Vankovs, 51, had been jailed in Latvia for nine-and-a-half years in June 1997 and 15 years in October the same year for killing two people.
So this two time killer comes into our country as easy as you like obviously without any checks to see if he has any convictions, bear in mind if any one of us volunteers to help out in a school or with some job applications we have to have a DBS checks (Disclosure and Barring Service) the replacement for CRB check which we have to pay for. If you have some sort of criminal conviction you can’t be allowed into the school or get certain jobs.

Anyway this bloke Vankovs stabbed Tatjana Ivanova in the thigh after threatening to kill her and her children by burning her house down in Murston, Sittingbourne. This was because his girlfriend, Zanetta Tolkunova, moved into the home of Miss Ivanova.

Apparently Vankovs suddenly appeared in Miss Ivanova’s kitchen on November 8th last year, shouting: “It doesn’t matter who I will kill. I will burn your house down, kill you and your children.”
He punched her three times in the ‘boat race’ (face), before grabbing a kitchen knife and stabbing her once in her right thigh.
Vankovs, of no fixed address, was acquitted of making a threat to kill. He denied both charges, but admitted the lesser offence of unlawful wounding.
Helped by an interpreter, he claimed he stabbed Miss Ivanova by accident or recklessness. It was not accepted by the prosecution.
Recorder Nelson remanded Vankovs in custody and adjourned sentence until June 30th for reports to assess dangerousness.

Meanwhile in Spain

Hundreds of Britons, many of them retired, are believed to be cheating the welfare system as they enjoy life soaking up the Spanish ‘currant bun’ (sun).
There are so many the Department of Works and Pensions has set up a dedicated fraud investigation team in Madrid to tackle the scandal.
To read all the nitty gritty click here


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