Scotland’s land rush

Posted: May 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

A plan to work out who owns every part of Scotland is to be completed within ten years.
All of Scotland’s land will be registered for the first time to provide a clear understanding of who owns it. Environment minister Paul Wheelhouse unveiled the project days after an expert group published a major report on land reform.
Apparently the report sets out that a new law would impose limits on how much land private owners can hold in Scotland. The latest move will see the Registers of Scotland prepare to complete Scotland’s land register within ten years. It has committed to register all public land within five years.

Currently, 26% of the land mass of Scotland is on the Land Register. Wheelhouse said it was important to have “a clear understanding of who owns our land in Scotland”.
On Friday, the Land Reform Review Group set out 62 recommendations in a report. Among the suggestions, it calls for a new law to limit how much land any single person can own in Scotland. It says councils should be given the right to force the sale of vacant or derelict plots.

Hmmm, I seem to remember in the distant past the Scottish branch of our family – the McWeller – had a bit of land in Scotland. Maybe its one of those derelict plots, we had better get ready for the Scottish land rush.



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