London School of Science and Technology on the hey diddle fiddle

Posted: May 23, 2014 in Broken Britain
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LSST-logoNo wonder the Romanian and Bulgarian immigration figures appear to be low it’s because they can claim money and not even live in the UK.

Apparently up to 3,000 Romanians and Bulgarians have been claiming money to study in our colleges without proper proof of residence in the UK.
The London School of Science and Technology (LSST) in Wembley is accused of recruiting students off the street and ignoring a lack of basic skills to put more of them on its books.
It is claimed that in one ‘ghost’ class, not a single student had turned up 35 minutes after the lesson had started.
A whistleblower told how a Romanian student described her approach. ‘She said “I get on a plane, I come to London. I stay for a week or two, and then I go back home and I get my student loan, maintenance, and I make more money than I would [in Romania]”.’

It follows Coalition reforms which allowed students at such institutions to claim maintenance loans and grants worth up to £11,000 a year.
Colleges can be handed £6,000 in tuition fees for each student they enrol.
Over the past three years, LSST students have received more than £25million while the college has benefited from £6.5million paid to it in tuition fees.


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