Thief gets away because police can’t attend for 4 hours

Posted: May 19, 2014 in Law & Disorder
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A have-a-go shopkeeper caught a suspected ‘tea leaf’ (thief) after a chase only to let him go as police couldn’t turn up for four hours because it was Friday night.


If you want to get away with a crime choose Friday night as not only are the police busy with ‘pissheads’ but the council has turned street lights out to save money.


Anyway Matthew Cockell, who owns Lenham Village Store, near Maidstone, gave chase when he saw two scrotes leaving his shop with ‘half-inched’ (pinched) beer and wine.
They legged it up the High Street, with Mr Cockell in hot pursuit in his ‘jam jar’ (car).
The pair split up and the man carrying the nicked goods ran into a garden on the corner of Old School Close and banged on the back door of a house, asking to be let in.

The owners dialled 999 and went out on their driveway, where they found Mr Cockell searching the area. Mr Cockell phones the police who said they would try to send someone out in four hours, which when you think about it would be just about the length of time they could charge the shopkeeper with kidnapping a thief.

The Old Bill eventually turned up at the shop to take a statement at 14-00hrs the next day – more than 20 hours later.
When you think about it the police are just recorders of crime and dish out incident report numbers so victims can claim on their insurance policies.

Mr Cockell posted CCTV footage of the scrotes on a community Facebook page, titled Keeping Lenham Safe, and the store’s own account.
The footage shows one of the men, who is wearing a dark coat and blue jeans, put at least one bottle into a shopping bag.
The other is wearing a grey jumper, blue jeans and carrying a rucksack. He appears to be wearing dark glasses.
Both spoke with an Eastern European accents.


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