New car hijacking method

Posted: May 16, 2014 in Law & Disorder

carparkIf you notice a piece of paper slapped on the rear window of your ‘jam jar’ car whilst reversing out of a space in a supermarket car park you are probably about to be a victim of car hijacking.

There you are just put your shopping in the boot, started the engine, whacked the car into reverse, look into the rear view mirror then there it is a piece of paper on your rear screen interfering with your view as you start reversing out. What an annoyance you think as you jump out the car to clear you view but then it all kicks off.

Some scroat comes from nowhere jumps into your car flattens you as he reverses out and makes off with car, shopping and everything of value you had in the car like your purse with all your credit cards if you are a woman. Maybe something with your address on and do you keep your front door key on the car’s keyring.

Anyway, see a bit of paper stuck to the rear window, lock car doors, drive off and remove the paper later.


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