World Book Day

Posted: March 6, 2014 in Law & Disorder
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What idiot came up with World Book Day obviously someone with money to burn.

dunce-cap-copyWorld Book Day is when saucepan lids (kids) all over the world are encouraged to go to school dressed up as their favourite book character. Harry Potter, Cinderella and the like although I can’t see loads of kids in Korea or Somalia strolling down the frog and toad (road) dressed as Harry Potter or Little Red Riding Hood.

Anyway my point is in this time of austerity where everybody who works or is on benefits is being parted from their desperately needed money by our robbing the poor to give to the rich government do they really need to spend out £20 or so to kit out their kid with an outfit for only one day. Don’t say they could make one as our local school only gave about one or two days notice of supporting this event. What if some mum has two or three kids at school, £60 on one day is no laughing matter.

Bogus bigamist bride

shammarriageA bogus bride was caught minutes before she could marry her fourth husband.
Raquel Neto Furtado De Andrade had already married three Nigerians to help give them the right to stay in Britain. Blimey she looks as though she has four names too. Her attempt to illegally marry again was foiled by suspicious staff at Harrow register office in north London who tipped off immigration officials about the bigamous 22-year-old, who used the same wedding dress at each ceremony.
Checks revealed De Andrade had three ‘husbands’, none of which she had divorced, the fourth groom, a 32-year-old Nigerian, was arrested with her and has been deported.
De Andrade, from Tottenham, north London, was charged with two counts of bigamy, two counts of facilitation and one count of perjury. She admitted the charges in February and was jailed at Harrow Crown Court on Tuesday.
She will be deported to her native Portugal on her release from prison. Yeah right!


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