Scottish Government minister Humza Yousaf verbally abused

Posted: February 15, 2014 in British jobs for British workers, General
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There you are thinking you’re the dogs bollocks when somebody comes along and bursts your bubble.

A Government minister was subject to abuse while acting as a guest Big Issue seller to highlight the plight of sweaty sock land’s (Scotland) homeless. Which is a bit ironic when you read on and find he was supporting eastern Europeans selling Big Issue. So supporting foreigners earning a crust selling Big Issue and presumably living in accommodation or cardboard boxes that the Scottish homeless could do with.

Humza_-_Big_Sell_OffAnyway Humza Yousaf was among a number of politicians, actors and television presenters to take to the streets for International Street Paper Vendor Week along with full-time vendors from eastern Europe.
The minister for external affairs and international development was selling the magazine outside Glasgow Queen Street Station last week when a man said “f*** off back home” to the Big Issue team, before threatening him.
The man then launched into a tirade about Romanians and Bulgarian immigrants in Scotland.
The Glasgow-list MSP told The Scotsman:

“I was selling the Big Issue at the Dundas Street entrance and the Big Issue team were filming me and other ­politicians.
“This chap came up to us and when I tried to give him some of my sales patter, he said, ‘Not from the likes of you, you’re not from my country’, or something to that effect.
“I turned around and said, ‘I think you’ll find I’m from Scotland, my home’. Then he came pretty much into my face, in a threatening manner, and he went on a rant about Romanians and Bulgarians in Scotland. I’ve been called pretty much everything you can think of by people like the Scottish Defence League, but by far the worst is being told to go home.”

Mr Yousaf, 28, said he has ­reported the incident to police and hopes the suspect will be traced. Boo hoo Mr Policeman somebody called me names.


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