ASDA use by dates

Posted: February 14, 2014 in General
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I don’t know whether it’s just our local ASDA supermarket or a nationwide trend but they are getting very bad with their ‘use by’, ‘sell by’, ‘diarrhoea by’ dates.

Mrs ‘W’ who shops at ASDA, they are quite a bit cheaper than any other supermarkets mind you that is according to ASDA’s own website comparison figures, has noticed that a lot of products, yoghurt in particular, have just two or three days on them before there use by date is up. Which is not very good if you are shopping for the week like Mrs ‘W’ does.

Even digging her way into the back of the shelves doesn’t seem to get a much longer shelf life. Another example is a ready meal curry that had only two days left. Mrs ‘W’ already has stopped buying ASDA’s fruit and ‘veg’ as the fruit seems to rot before you can get it ate and the ‘veg’ wilts unusually fast. Still at least Mrs ‘W’ hasn’t found any actual out of date products and ASDA do have a ‘Whoops’ counter where food is about to go out of date and has a knocked down price.

Perhaps our ASDA just has a pony and trap (crap) product rotation system or maybe ASDA can keep their prices down by catching the unwary with products that are about to be thrown away.



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