The ethnic cleansing landlord

Posted: January 10, 2014 in Law & Disorder
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Photo: Scott Heavey. 29/03/2005. Fergus Wilson and wife Judith.A buy-to-let landlord has banned housing benefit tenants in favour of Eastern European migrants who he says were less likely to default on rent payments than Britons on housing benefit.

Fergus Wilson has sent eviction notices to 200 tenants on housing benefit and said he would not accept any more welfare applicants.
Wilson and his ‘trouble and strife (wife) own nearly 1,000 properties around Ashford in Kent and their property empire has been valued at an estimated £225million.

Surely this geezer is racially discriminating against Britons in favour of Eastern Europeans. Imagine the uproar if he said that he was banning Africans as they are more likely to run up debt. He would find himself arrested for racial discrimination and needing around the clock protection.


More illegals workers caught

chickengeorgeImmigration officers visited Chicken Cottage, on Cambridge Street and JFC Fast Food, on Kingsbury Square, both Aylesbury, on Tuesday 6th January.
At Chicken Cottage, which was visited at 12:30, they arrested a 26-year-old Pakistani man who had overstayed his visa.
Two further Pakistani men, aged 46 and 50, were arrested at JFC Fast Food, which was visited at 14:15. They too were found to have overstayed their visas.
The two arrested at JFC Fast Food were transferred to immigration detention pending removal from the country. The man found at Chicken Cottage was released to seek illegal work elsewhere.

In Preston

Two immigration offenders have been arrested following operations by Home Office immigration enforcement officers.
Officers visited the Three Monkeys Sandwich Bar on Adelphi Street on Tuesday morning 7th January.
They arrested two Pakistani men for immigration offences. One, aged 26, had overstayed his visa while the other, aged 29, had been working in breach of his visa conditions. Both men are currently in detention pending their removal from the UK.


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