Decency, alive and well in Bath

Posted: December 29, 2013 in General
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A 74-year-old woman who was first in the queue for the annual Silcox, Son and Wicks sale in Bath had to be taken home by paramedics after falling ill.
silcoxThe ‘old girl’ set up camp at 4.30pm Friday to get a bed for herself for £99, reduced from £958. Unfortunately heavy rain during the night soaked her through and people in the queue became concerned that she might have hypothermia. Gor blimey in some parts of our country she would have been robbed of her cash as she lay there.

Anyway when owners Steve and Charlie Wicks arrived at 8am they took her inside to warm up and then called for an ambulance. Paramedics looked after her, although they confirmed that she did not have hypothermia, they decided she needed to be driven home. As a gesture of goodwill, to recognise her dedication, Silcox are giving her the bed for free.

Charlie Wicks praised the other people waiting in the queue, who gave the woman blankets, a hot water bottle and hot drinks to try to keep her warm. He said: “I am humbled by the actions of our customers, who all rallied round to keep her warm during the night. “It showed a very high level of comradery. “The lady turned out to be ok in the end, but we didn’t want to take any risks and felt it was best to call an ambulance”.


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