Trafficked woman sold to Pakistani to be sham marriage bride.

Posted: December 15, 2013 in Law & Disorder
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Three people from Gravesend have been convicted for coercing a trafficked 26-year-old Slovakian woman into a sham marriage after she suffered weeks of sexual abuse.

The three Tibor Suchy, 28, his wife Viktoria Sanova, 27, and 30-year-old Rene Sana are facing sentence along with 32-year-old Muhammed Badar Ul Islam.

Apparently the victim was living on the street in Slovakia when two men approached her in a shopping
centre and asked if she would go to England to marry an Indian man in exchange for a better life.
She was driven through Europe, before arriving at Dover by ferry from Dunkirk on Tuesday, February 26th.
rene sanaAfter arriving in the UK, the victim was driven to an address in Abbey Road, Gravesend, where she was introduced to Suchy and his wife, Viktoria Sanova, before being sold for £4,500 on Wednesday, March 13th.

Pakistani, Muhammad Badar Ul Islam agreed to buy her for marriage so he could stay in the UK as his student visa had expired in January. Suchy drove the woman back to Gravesend where he kept her until Badar Ul Islam was ready to take her.
She was taken home by Badar Ul Islam where for six days she was housed and raped. But when she suffered an injury as a result of one the attacks, she needed an ambulance to go to hospital.

The victim needed surgery and was in hospital for four days, when staff became concerned for her welfare and phoned the ‘Old Bill’.

Badar Ul Islam was arrested on Sunday, March 24th as he tried to board a plane to Pakistan from Heathrow.

Badar Ul Islam, from Walthamstow, admitted conspiracy to breach UK immigration laws and was convicted of rape and trafficking within the UK. He was cleared of trafficking into the UK.

Suchy, of Abbey Road, admitted conspiracy to breach UK immigration laws – a sham marriage – and was convicted by a jury at Woolwich Crown Court this Friday the 13th, bad luck for him, of a trafficking conspiracy for exploitation but was cleared of attempted rape.

Sanova, also of Abbey Road, was convicted of conspiracy to breach UK immigration laws, but cleared of conspiracy to traffic.

Sana, from Gravesend, was convicted of conspiracy to breach UK immigration laws, but cleared of rape.

All four are due to be sentenced at Woolwich Crown Court next Thursday.


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