Three Nigerians accumulated £63,800 in illegal wages

Posted: December 8, 2013 in Law & Disorder
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358sc1tThree Nigerian immigration offenders, yes Nigerians yet again, who used false documents to accumulate £63,800 in illegal wages have been jailed for less than two years in total, about six months each for a £20,000 gain what a result.

Nigerian nationals Kennedy Avebuan, James Igbinosa and Dorothy Igbinosa fraudulently used the identity of a Dutch man to gain employment in the UK. Woolwich Crown Court heard that Dorothy had entered into a sham marriage with the Dutch man in 2004. He flew back to Holland on the day of the ‘wedding’ and she was initially granted leave to remain on the basis of the ‘marriage’. However, this was revoked in 2005 when it was established that the relationship was not genuine as she was in fact with the partner of Avebuan, with who she has since had four children (four children bear that in mind for later) James Igbinosa and Dorothy Igbinosa claim not to be related.

The scam was uncovered in January this year when Avebuan, an illegal immigrant, was arrested after he was discovered working illegally as a cleaner at Haberdashers Askes School in Brockley. He was found to have used a forged passport in the Dutch man’s identity to gain this employment. Why wasn’t a Criminal Records Bureau check carried out by the school to make sure he wasn’t a threat to their children then?

James Igbinosa, a Nigerian who had overstayed his visa, was arrested the same day when he was found living at the same address as Avebuan in Romford. Investigations showed that he had also used a forged passport in the Dutch man’s identity to work illegally at Enterprise Support Services, as a cleaning contractor. Investigations established that Avebuan and James Igbinosa had used the same bank account which they had set up fraudulently to deposit their illegal earnings.

Dorothy Igbinosa was arrested in March this year at the house in Romford that she shared with Avebuan. She had worked illegally at Folkestone Nursing Home in East Ham, and Folkestone Nursing Home, in Tooting, through Enterprise Support Services. So the nursing home and this school didn’t check CBRs either no wonder illegal immigrants can get jobs so easily.

Investigations showed that the three had netted a combined total of £65,746 in earnings through working illegally for four different employers all of whom didn’t spot their forged/false documentation.

At a hearing at Woolwich Crown Court on 2nd October all three defendants pleaded guilty to a number of the charges against them. The judge ordered four not guilty pleas to remain on file and they were sentenced at the same court on Thursday 5th December.

The judge recommended they be deported from the UK when they have served their sentences. This is where the four children will come into play and they won’t be deported, human rights to a family life will be what the do-gooder fifth columnist lawyers will claim.


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