Enid Blyton books censored

Posted: December 8, 2013 in Broken Britain
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This is a funny old business.

Someone sent me a link to a Daily Mail story about an Accrington primary school that has been politically correcting and banning Enid Blyton books so it could win a race equality award. The Mail appears to be quoting from a Sun story too, that’s not the odd thing though.

DSC00049I looked at the school’s website picture gallery and it appears to be a virtually all white school, yes they do exist. So why are the school concerned about Blyton’s The Famous Five classics having according to the school inappropriate ethnic stereotypes with references to gypsies, golliwogs and a dog named Nigger. The Daily Mail downgraded the dog’s name to ‘N’ by the way.

Apparently the clear-out was needed to get a Race Equality mark from the council ahead of the opening of a new school library. Lancashire County Council’s race award is given to schools which ‘eliminate discrimination, promote equal opportunity and good relations between persons of different racial groups’.
Sean Crosier, headmaster of the 196-pupil Huncoat Primary School near Accrington, Lancashire, told the Sun: ‘We checked all our books. Some contained references that reflected outdated attitudes.‘ Two of the offending stories were Blyton’s Five Go To Mystery Moor and The Children of Kidillin. Deputy head Phil Clarke said many of the culled books had been replaced with edited versions. He said: ‘It’s about making sure children have a fair representation of different ethnic groups.’

They checked all their books did they how long did that take, have a look at the schools 2012 Ofsted report a bit is shown below. Judging by that the school has more pressing problems to correct rather than spending vast amount of time censoring library books.



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