Did pensioner commit suicide over bedroom tax?

Posted: November 5, 2013 in Broken Britain, Law & Disorder
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This story caught my eye not so much because this poor old bloke hanged himself worried about being evicted or owing the so called ‘bedroom tax’ but more because after one year the coroner recorded an open conclusion with suspension given as the medical cause of death. What is the coroner saying, the old bloke could have been murdered and the police have done nothing for a year or a story about a bedroom tax suicide is not the sort of thing ‘Downing Street David Cameron’ wants to hit the headlines.

burligtonbertieAnyway this is the story, a pensioner found hanged was worried he would lose his home because of the Government’s bedroom tax, a coroner was told.
Charles Barden, of South Park Road, Maidstone, was found dead at his three-bedroom house on the same date his wife Sadie passed away 19 years earlier.
At an inquest into the 74-year-old’s death, DS Sophie Keeling said Mr Barden had told friends he was concerned about his finances and that he would be affected by the change to housing benefits.
DS Keeling said: “He was concerned about things he’d seen in the news, about people with more than one bedroom were at risk of losing their properties.”
She added someone from the council had been to visit Mr Barden, who lived alone, and he thought it was a way of “trying to get him out of the property”.

Doesn’t being a pensioner make him exempt from the bedroom tax?

Mr Barden had spoken about suicide to his close friend Alvar Cloughton, but it is not believed he had attempted to take his own life in the past.
Mr Barden, who has two children from his first marriage, was step-father to his second wife’s three daughters, including Alison Whittington.
Mrs Whittington said her step-dad had never got over the death of her mum and even though he remained active, he was lonely when he returned to the house they shared, which remained untouched since she died
The pensioner’s body was found on Tuesday, October 13th last year, by concerned neighbours.
The day before, a colleague from the Ridge Golf Club, in Chartway Street, Sutton Valence, came to collect Mr Barden but there was no answer. The retired groundsmen would often help out at the club. Don’t tell DHSS he helps out they’ll accuse him of benefit fraud if he was paid any money for helping.
He is last known to be alive on Saturday, October 10th, when he bought a newspaper and a lottery ticket.
This is the bit that makes me suspicious an easy way out has been taken by the authorities.

Mid Kent and Medway coroner Patricia Harding said “there was not enough evidence to confirm Mr Barden took his own life” so she recorded an open conclusion with suspension given as the medical cause of death.
Well Mr Plod you better open a murder case then, in this instance a cold case!

India launch rocket to Mars

India’s Rs 450 crore space mission to Mars blasts-off today, November 5th.
The heat shield of the rocket (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle-PSLV) has been closed and the final electrical checks have been carried out.

Read more nitty gritty


Sham marriage between Ukrainian and Latvian?

Officers attended Hillingdon Register Office, High Street, Uxbridge, at about 11:30 on Friday 1st November. They arrested a 33-year-old Ukrainian man who had entered the country illegally. He was detained and now faces removal from the UK. His would-be bride, a 40-year-old Latvian woman, was questioned by officers and later released.
Hold up I’m perplexed, the Ukranian is illegal but how does marrying a Latvian allow him to remain in this country?


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