York Fitness strapped for spares

Posted: October 11, 2013 in Broken Britain, General, Law & Disorder
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rowerThis throw away society is beginning to annoy me. A few weeks ago I was sitting on my York Fitness R501 rowing machine, I like to keep fit, rowing away listening to my Tommy Steele cd when suddenly rower went slack. I found myself at the end of the rower holding a handle and a long length of broken strapping.

No problem I thought, York Fitness is a decent make sure to have parts. On the internet I get and email them the model number and the part I need. I know I’ve had the rower for about eight years but thirty minutes every other day doesn’t seem a hard life for a rower. Anyway back comes the reply, that model is no longer available and they only keep spares for three years. Hold up though it’s only a bit of strapping and the new models look virtually identical. You’re not telling me the strapping on new machines won’t fit my old one and anyway no spare strapping available, hardly takes up a lot of room does it. A case of tough ‘Tom Tit’ (shit) buy a new rower from us.

What is an old bloke to do, spend £90 or so for a new rower when all that’s needed it a ‘tuppeny-hapeth’ bit of strapping. The Weller family doesn’t give in easily so I thought about it whilst making a mental note never to buy York equipment ever again and remembering the multi-use of paracord that survivalists in USA use for virtually everything but wipe their ‘Khyber Pass’ (arse) so I sent off for some at 8 pence a foot, bargain. It didn’t take long to rig it up and hey presto rower is back in business and the grandkids have got paracord bracelets from the leftovers too. Nice try York Fitness but no cigar!

Illegal workers in Weybridge

ShantiImmigration officers visited Shanti Tandoori, Queens Road, at 20:45 on Friday 4th October. Individuals were questioned to check if they had the right to be in the UK. They arrested three Bangladeshi men. Two, aged 50 and 56, had entered the country illegally, while the other, aged 29, had overstayed his visa. All three men were transferred to immigration detention awaiting removal from the country.



Excuse me aren’t we chucking elderly and disabled out of their ‘too big for them homes’ they’ve been living for decades in because we haven’t enough houses for all the homeless and 100,000’s of foreigners flooding into our country. Council houses were intended for people who didn’t earn enough to buy a home. It’s not as though there aren’t enough private houses for sale, in our local linen draper (newspaper) there are regularly about thirty pages of houses to buy every week.


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