Another restaurant caught again with illegal workers

Posted: October 2, 2013 in British jobs for British workers, General, Law & Disorder
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momtajThree illegal workers have been arrested following a visit at a restaurant in Maestag, Wales.
Officers visited the Momtaj Contemporary Indian Cuisine restaurant and takeaway, Commercial St, Maesteg, around 18:30 on Friday 27th September.
They questioned individuals to check if they had the right to be in the UK and arrested three Bangladeshi men aged 24 to 48 for working illegally.
Of the men, two had overstayed their visas and one had no permission to work. They have been detained and are awaiting removal from the UK.
Officers had only visited the restaurant this August. During that operation, a 25-year-old Bangladeshi man who had overstayed his visa and was working illegally was arrested as he tried to leg it from the premises through the rear exit.

Also in Wales

villagemassalaTwo men were arrested at a restaurant in Flintshire. Officers visited the Village Massalla restaurant on Station Rd, Rhuddlan on Saturday 28th September at about 20:00, note photo of restaurant taken from the back of a speeding motorcycle. They arrested two Bangladeshi men, aged 25 and 27, who had overstayed their visas. One of the men attempted to evade arrest by changing out of his work clothes and pretending to be a customer. Nice try but no cigar!


Two illegal workers from Pakistan have been arrested following an operation by officers at a takeaway in High Wycombe. Officers visited Salam’s Takeaway, Portland House, Arnison Avenue, at 12:00 on Wednesday 25th September. They questioned individuals to check if they had the right to be in the UK, and arrested two men.
One, aged 29, was working in breach of his visa conditions. The other, aged 59, had overstayed his visa. Both men were detained pending removal from the country.

Did Holby City take the wrong turning last night?

Mrs ‘W’ spotted it, in the last moments of the medical drama a ‘jam jar’(car) being driven by the geeky doctor who’s supposedly going to be doctor of the year with the scatty blonde nurse as passenger- who in the last few episodes has gone over the top playing the scatter part of her character turning her into a simpleton- turn off the the ‘frog and toad’ (road) to go to a rub and dub tub (public house) instead of going to the posh ‘Do’.

The car following is being driven by Mr Hanssen the miserable Swede with Malik the cocky black bloke as passenger, anyway Malik phones up the geek and tells him he’s taking the wrong turning. At this moment the geek in his black tie outfit for the posh ‘Do’ decides to turn around and chat up the blonde bird whilst driving, Malik who by rights should be on the right road and not following them now shouts out “look out!” as a bleeding great lorry looms up, there the soap ends. Obviously one of the cast is leaving the soap probably the over acting blonde.
So how can a bloke on the wrong road and probably some distance away see the about to happen accident?



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