Coral bookies do it again

Posted: September 17, 2013 in Broken Britain, General

Remember me telling you about Coral, the bookies, ripping some geezer off in Canterbury well here’s another incident.

Well, Oshane Grant placed a £100 accumulator bet on a series of World Cup qualifiers last week. The 42-year-old from Easton in Bristol wanted to bet on France, Serbia and Argentina all scoring at least three goals in their qualifiers.
The staff at his local bookmakers Coral quoted him odds that would make a win worth £9,250. But they had made a mistake.
article-2421764-1BD9CB9E000005DC-60_634x423Grant was told the winning sum when he placed his bet and had the odds written on his betting slip. He then watched Serbia score three goals, France score four and Argentina score five. He went out to celebrate, made plans for his winnings and he even gave £200 to friends.
However, when he went to pick up his dosh, he received only £1,216.67. Apparently the clerk had made a mistake in the first place and had told him what he would have won if all three teams scored four goals.

A Coral spokesman said that the bet was written on the slip as three or more goals, which is the “critical information on the betting slip”. The member of staff then accidentally wrote the odds which would have applied if he had bet on the teams scoring four or more goals. But every bet has specific odds, which are publicised, audible and transparent and “not made up by the shop”. He said: “If the price written on the betting slip is demonstrably and provably wrong, the bookmaker will pay out at the correct odds rather than those written on the slip.”

He added that the company had a great deal of sympathy for the customer,I bet, and that it had offered to pay out at the best possible price he could have got anywhere in the market for the bet he asked for.

After all said and done the geezer got ripped off. So don’t go in Coral unless you are prepared not to get what you are told your winnings will be.


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