ASDA’s empty meat pies

Posted: August 25, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Mrs ‘W’ does like a good bit of steak and kidney although she isn’t so keen on pastry but alas this week she bought some ASDA steak and kidney pies “chosen by you” according to the blurb on the box.

Come Saturday dinner the trouble and strife (wife) and me sat down at the Caine and Abel (table) with our pie, mash and peas when suddenly Mrs “W” shouts out “where’s me meat, this pie has got no meat”. She doesn’t like pastry so she has taken off the pie lid and was there searching around at the bottom of the pie for a bit of meat but alas all that was there was a half inch cube of meat certainly no kidney. So off comes my pie lid and my pie seems full of gravy only but on further investigation I find not one, not two, but three pieces of these half inch cubes of meat but no kidney either. I’ve hit the jackpot compared to Mrs W’s pie although for all intents and purposes my steak and kidney pie is empty too.

So come on ASDA what’s going on, somebody working their notice on the production line or plain and simple ripping off your customers. I recommend you delete the words ‘chosen by you” on the boxes because we certainly didn’t choose to buy a meat pie with no meat.

I would encourage the ‘Missus’ to shop elsewhere but the alternatives are Tesco with their pretend strawberry bargains or Sainsburys with their over inflated prices, what’s a shopper to do eh?



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