More photobombing from Luton’s Ahmed Rathore

Posted: August 23, 2013 in General, Law & Disorder
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mayorI was just thinking the other day that I hadn’t been sent any info about Luton’s Rathore family lately, they were involved in fraudulent stuff like sham marriages and such like as well as being involved in local politics, you can find out more about the Rathores by putting their name in my search box on the left, when ‘boof’ an email turns up from our man in Luton. One of the family, Ahmed Rathore real name Siddique Ahmed Rathore – he was the geezer who was snapped with the ‘Old Bill’ at some posh ‘do’ which caused a stir in the local linen draper (newspaper) has upped the game in his photo bombing activities and has been pictured with Adam Johnson the British High Commissioner in Islamabad, Pakistan. Hmmm, I wonder what he has planned for Luton this time.

As an aside, according to the local community a house in Cornel Close that was given to Mr Rathore by the council has been taken back by them. The council not the community folk that is, this is because he was not living there but renting it out. He was actually living at the family address of 392 Selbourne Road. Incidently the Cornel Close address is the house fake marriage arranger Ashar Ali Rathore was arrested at by the UK Border Force.

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Anyway to change the subject

Remember the other day I pointed out that our Premiership football teams seem to only buy foreign players these days. Well back in August 1992, 177 players, or 73.1%, who played in first-day first XIs held English nationality but this year that figure fell to 75, or 34.1%.



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