Sainsbury recruit in Poland

Posted: August 5, 2013 in British jobs for British workers, Law & Disorder
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sainsburysOne of the Weller sons is doing a fork lift/reach lift course and got talking to a Pole on the course. He said, the Pole that is, in Poland Sainsbury are recruiting staff for warehouses over here, finding them big houses to live in, training them on fork trucking on our training courses and then giving them 12 hour shift jobs so one lot are working whilst the other lot sleep then those who have been in the land of nod get out of bed and are replaced with those returning from work. Reminds me of what the Jamaicans used to do in the 1950s round our way in London.

Talking about Jamaicans

Once upon a time it was ‘mods and rockers’ that invaded seaside towns like Margate, personally living in South London us ‘mods’ went to Brighton, however last weekend Margate had an invasion of about 4,000 Jamaicans who packed onto a small bit of the beach near the tidal pool. Apparently there was no notification that such a crowd were coming so on duty were a PCSO and some council wardens issuing parking tickets. The rum, being sold from unlicensed vans along with food, began to flow and the ‘Old Bill’ were called to several drunken disorder and fight incidents. Then someone got stabbed in the leg and in another incident a woman from the beach group assaulted a local woman and some woman ended up in the local hospital with facial injuries.
Still on the positive side local takeaways did a roaring trade and some sold out by early Sunday evening plus extra staff were called in to clean up all the filth left behind by, so extra money for those cleaners.



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