Aiders & abetters released at six sham weddings

Posted: July 26, 2013 in Law & Disorder, NHS WATCH
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gretnaEight men from Pakistan and India were arrested during an operation by officers moments before six sham wedding ceremonies were due to take place at Gretna registration office on Thursday (18th July).
Acting on information that the weddings may not be genuine, immigration officers attended the registration office. They arrested the eight men, aged between 27 and 40, all of whom were in the UK illegally. They included five would be grooms and three guests who were due to attend the ceremonies. They had all travelled to Gretna from areas in England, including Bradford, Manchester, Southall, Blackburn and Wolverhampton.
Six of the men have been detained pending their removal from the UK, while the remaining two must report regularly unless they decide to ‘Scapa Flow’ (go) never to be see again or until an illegal person amnesty is called.
The intended brides from the Czech Republic, Romania and the UK were interviewed and released. Can you Adam and Eve that, aiding and abetting a crime and no charges. What a win win situation get a couple of thousand for marrying a person you’ll never see again or set free to have another go some other time, welcome to the lunatic asylum called Britain.

Illegal workers caught
stop_thiefThree immigration offenders from Pakistan have been arrested following a raid on a shop in Feltham. Officers visited Shop n Save, Staines Road, on Monday 22nd July where workers were questioned to check if they had the right to be in the UK. Arrested were two men, aged 24 and 60, who were both found to have overstayed their visas. The 60-year-old tried to escape when officers approached the shop but was stopped following a short foot pursuit. Doesn’t that expression conjure up a ‘hue and cry’ through the streets, oh the good old days.

Pay to see doctor.
That’s a sentence of death for thousands of our hard up old people, Toff/Tories do say the old are a burden on the country.


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