Coral bookmaker wouldn’t pay out

Posted: July 20, 2013 in General, Law & Disorder
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tunbridgeCoronation Street is running a storyline about the street’s bookie, Peter Barlow, not paying a customer his winnings. Talk about soaps reflecting modern day life a Margate geezer, Mark Tunbridge, placed a bet at Coral bookmaker in Canterbury on what colour the Queen’s ‘tit for tat’ (hat) would be during Royal Ascot. He bet white and was given 10/1 odds, sure enough the Queen sports a white tit for tat so off he trots to the bookies to collect his winnings. Alas the bookies have reneged on the bet and said there was a mistake and the odds should have been evens, easy to say after the event when the geezer has won a tidy sum. The bookie then palmed him off with £100 instead of £550. Apparently the bird behind the counter checked the odds with the manager before taking the bet. Corals said there was a clear error on their behalf and apologised and if he wants he can take his case to the Independent Betting Arbitration Services so in other words if you don’t like it piss off and try and do something about it.
The moral of the story is, don’t bet with Coral or Barlow’s Bookies in Weatherfield.

ASDA’s rotten fruit

fruitAnyone had trouble with their fruit bought at ASDA lately? Mrs ‘W’ has been buying ours there, we eat more fruit than monkeys do, anyway in the last few weeks the fruit is nice and firm when bought but doesn’t seem to ripen instead peaches and pears for instance cut that stage of their growing cycle out and rot away and instead of being eaten while I watch Bargain Hunt they end up in the compost bin.
It seems to me the fruit is being picked too soon and being off the mother plant so early hasn’t developed fully so it never ripens. Mind you I’m no Mr Digwell, oh bollocks I’ve given my age away.

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