Drug smuggler pleads to be sent back to Gaza………

Posted: July 12, 2013 in Law & Disorder
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…but UK authorities say no due to ongoing problems there.
Which is a bit odd when you consider Palestine is a holiday destination.

A man caught smuggling drugs into the Dover Immigration Removal Centre has pleaded with a judge: “Send me back to Gaza!”
Apparently the 23-year-old had fled Palestine after his family arranged for him to be “adopted” by a family in France. Hara Salama later claimed he discovered that his mother, father and siblings had been killed during an Israeli attack in 2005.
By 2008 he was living was on the streets in the UK and made an application for asylum three years later, being held in Dover Centre until June last year.
Salama then withdrew his application on condition he was sent back to Gaza, guess what happened then. He was released after being told by officials that he couldn’t be returned home because of ongoing problems in the area.


Canterbury Crown Court heard how after living rough, friends had offered him somewhere to live if he smuggled cannabis to another man in the detention centre.
Last November sniffer dogs were alerted when he arrived and he was then monitored by guards using CCTV. His friend was spotted slipping a packet into his sock and he was searched and a bag containing 33 grams of the drug was discovered.
Salama, who now lives in Ilford, was also searched and found to have more drugs in his pocket and he later admitted two charges of possessing and supplying cannabis.
His lawyer Phil Rowley said “The first thing he asked me was: ‘Is it possible for the court to send me back to Gaza?’.”
The judge held back from sending him immediately to jail for the drugs offences and asked for probation officers to contact refugee organisations to see if they could help him when he is released.
Judge Adele Williams said: “I am minded to pause before sentencing him because as I see it, I can send him to prison now, but there could be ongoing problems when he is released and he is likely to commit more crime in future.” She adjourned sentence until later this month.

Why not buy him a one way ticket to Palestine now, it would be cheaper than feeding him in prison and we’ve got shot of him once and for all.

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    • IAN says:

      this man is not from Gaza and he is not saying the truth. people used to claim that they are from Gaza or Palestine in general because they thought that the home office can not deport them. i been shocked when I met some people from Morocco, Egypt and vast majority Jordanian they claimed/seek asylum as Palestinian or Gazean and already given either British passport or indefinite leave. What home office is that. I would like to work with home office as expert in such area and show them how week they are and their experts knew nothing….so funny intelligence staff …wake up home office staff .. real Palestinian deserve help and protection and abusers deserve jail… I FEEL UPSET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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