Dry earwax, say no to deodorants

Posted: June 30, 2013 in General
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Sticky or dry earwax that is the question, whether ’tis nobler in the mind to use deodorant when your arm pits don’t pen and ink (stink).
Apologies to William Shakespeare.

It just shows you the power of advertising, I’ve always said people buy stuff they don’t really need particularly Health & Beauty products, a million people could be spending shed loads of money on under arm deodorant when their armpits don’t actually smell.
Apparently one million people may be using deodorant needlessly as they have a gene that means they do not produce body odour.

deodrant_2454309bResearchers have found that 2% of the population have a genetic variant that means they do not suffer from under arm body odour yet more than three quarters of them still use deodorants.
The ‘cultural norm’ in Britain is to use deodorant every day whether body odour is a problem or not, the researchers said. Where as elsewhere in the world most people with the genetic variant are aware that they do not smell and do not use deodorant, they said.
According to Euromonitor, the deodorant industry was worth £604m in 2011, representing a potential saving of over £12m to the 2% of UK adults who don’t produce underarm odour if they stoped using deodorants.

The gene variant is known as ABCC11 and the study authors said that the consistency of earwax is a good indication of those who have it. People who have dry earwax as opposed to sticky earwax are highly likely to have the ABCC11 variant and therefore do not produce under arm body odour.
So get those cotton buds out.


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