Illegal immigrants bailed

Posted: June 18, 2013 in Law & Disorder
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How mad is this, seven suspected illegal immigrants believed to have escaped from a lorry on the Isle of Sheppey have been released on bail.
aesicaA police helicopter searched from the air whilst police on the ground spent an hour and a half searching the town after reports people had jumped off a lorry in Queenborough, Isle of Sheppey, Kent around 10.15am on Friday.
UK Border Agency said eleven people – three women and eight men – from Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan were arrested on suspicion of immigration offences. Seven have been released on immigration bail.

Let’s sum up, these seven illegals who we don’t know who they actually are or what they got up to in their own countries and were smuggled into the UK in a lorry are free to disappear into our cities. Isn’t that their goal in coming to our country?

One suspect remains in immigration detention and three have been assessed as minors and passed into the care of social services at the expense of Kent taxpayers. “Assessed as minors”, probably young looking adults more like. I still remember a case of a so called child asylum seeker sitting in one of our local secondary schools with a beard.

Apparently the lorry was delivering to the Aesica pharmaceutical factory in North Road, Queenborough. Police said the driver, a 51-year-old man, was arrested on suspicion of assisting illegal entry to the UK. He has been bailed pending further enquiries until Friday.

News headlines

“African killer who entered Britain on false passport butchered pensioner after he stopped taking medication for personality disorder.”

Let’s hope those bailed asylum-seekers don’t follow that pattern.

“Street lights may have to be switched off and libraries closed down if NHS funding is not diverted to help councils pay for elderly care in communities”.

How about diverting Foreign Aid to fund elderly care or is this too easy a solution.

  1. Robin Saunter says:

    Come on, Percy. You know very well there is nowhere to detain these characters and it will be years before the applications, appeals, judicial reviews, passport applications, children by teenage local girls, human rights challenges…

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