Illegal workers, sham marriage, usual stuff for the UK

Posted: June 13, 2013 in Law & Disorder
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Yummy Yummy restaurant had illegal staff earning money.

goldencurryFour illegal workers have been caught following raids at businesses in Maidstone and Margate on Thursday 6th and Friday 7th June.
Officers visited Yummy Yummy World Buffet and Grill, Barker Road, Maidstone on 6th June.They checked the immigration status of the staff and found a man, aged 23, from India who had not left the UK when his visa expired. He was put on bail so he could ‘Scapa Flow’ (go) any time he liked.
Officers also encountered a second man from India who was working illegally. He was stopped from working and escorted from the premises. He too has been given the chance to clear off to work illegally somewhere else. A Romanian man, aged 41, who was in the UK legally but who had no right to work was given a fixed penalty of £1000. What makes UKBA think he’s going to pay that.

On Friday 7th June officers visited Golden Curry, Northdown Road, Margate where checks revealed a 23-year-old man from Bangladesh working illegally.

Four illegal workers have been caught following a raid at Wildwood restaurant in St Peter’s Street, Canterbury. Officers visited the restaurant on Wednesday 5th June. They checked the immigration status of staff and arrested two men who were in possession of counterfeit Italian identity documents. Following a house search in Pretoria Road, officers also arrested two other men who admitted using counterfeit documents to obtain work at Wildwood.
The four from Romania, and aged 24, 27, 28, and 29, later received cautions for using the counterfeit documents. Cautions is that all, four illegal workers who we don’t know who they are taking jobs in a high unemployment area and politicians say Romanians will not head for UK next year

Another sham marriage foiled.

eupakistanA man from Pakistan has been arrested just moments before he was due to take part in a suspected sham marriage in Liverpool. Officers attended the register office, St George’s Hall in Liverpool just before 10:00am on Monday 10th May.
Just before the ceremony was due to begin, officers intervened and the 25-year-old man, who had been living at an address in Liverpool, was arrested after checks revealed he was in the country illegally having overstayed his visa.
He had been due to marry a 20-year-old Hungarian woman, who was interviewed by officers and later released. How come she wasn’t arrested for aiding and abetting a sham marriage. The wanna-be ‘groom’ has been detained pending his removal from the UK.
The operation was carried out with the full co-operation of the superintendent registrar.

Second time caught with illegal workers

Four immigration offenders have been arrested by officers at a restaurant in Driffield.
Officers visited Muskan Spice in Market Place on Wednesday evening last week (5th June). Checks revealed that four Bangladeshi men had no permission to be in the UK.
Three of the men, aged 40, 29, and 23 had entered the UK illegally. A 35-year-old had overstayed his visa. All four men were taken into immigration detention where they remain pending their removal from the UK. Speaking about overstaying, I’ll like to know how many foreign Olympic participants are still in the UK. Anyway three of the men were encountered working illegally and the business now faces a potential fine of up to £30,000 – £10,000 per illegal worker. This isn’t Muskan Spice first time they’ve been caught employing illegals. A previous visit to Muskan Spice in February last year resulted in the arrest of two other immigration offenders. A fine of only £5,000 was imposed on the business for employing them. Obvious not much of a deterrent then?

Nigerians involved again

358sc1tThree Nigerian nationals have been jailed after an investigation by UKBA officers into illegal working and sham marriage in Potters Bar and Walthamstow.
Henrietta Samugana, aged 32, her husband Oluwatobi Adegbenro, aged 36, and his brother Olaseni Adegbenro, aged 30, were sentenced to 12 months, 8 months and 12 months respectively when they appeared at St Albans Crown Court on 10th June.
They had pleaded guilty to the charges against them at an earlier hearing. Samugana admitted using a false identity card and fraud, Oluwatobi Adegnbenro and Olasenie Adegbenro both admitted possession of false identity documents with intent and seeking leave to remain in the UK by deception. All three had also overstayed their visas.
The trio had been arrested by officers from the immigration crime team on 14th January following raids at two addresses in Barnet Road, Potters Bar, and Yunus Khan Close, Walthamstow – at a flat where all three were living.
Samugana had used a fake Dutch identity card in the name Carina Centeno to fraudulently obtain employment as a support worker at a care home.
Subsequent investigations found that three applications had been made in the name of Carina Centeno asking that her husband, Olaseni Adegbenro, be granted UK residency. Each application, most recently in November last year, had been refused.
Officers recovered a fraudulent UK driving license in the name Oluwatobi Adegbenro from the Walthamstow property too.


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