End unemployment, build roundabouts

Posted: June 6, 2013 in General
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Don’t some people come out with a load of pony and trap (crap), this time it’s Kent County Council. Someone sent me this newspaper cutting, they obviously know I’ve got a bee in my bonnet about planning departments stating thousands of jobs will be created by building houses or developing roads. In this instance 5,000 jobs is mentioned, this is how developers make those opposing concreting over Britain the bad guys.

The plan is to widen a short lane, which local people use as a short cut to avoid a congested roundabout at the out of town shopping centre which has killed off Margate town centre. Apparently Poorhole Lane, the lane to be widened, is where paupers and plague victims were buried in olden days that’s how it got its name.

Anyway a roundabout will be built at either end of this lane and a report mentions this road development will aid the bunging in of 550 new houses for good measure plus another 1020 properties nearby. How local infrastructure is going to cope with 1600 new homes nearby beats me.

To sum up – if this load of guff is true that two roundabouts will create 5,000 jobs, there’s about 3 million out of work therefore 1200 new roundabouts spread around the country will get everyone back to work, job done. I should be Prime Minister.




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