Four people have been arrested following an immigration enforcement operation targeting houses with so-called ‘beds in sheds’ in Hounslow.
On the morning of Thursday 23rd May, UKBA officers, along with housing officers from Hounslow Council and the Metropolitan Police, visited a number of addresses in the Taunton Avenue, Staines Road and Bath Road areas suspected of having illegally occupied outbuildings.
At an address in Taunton Avenue, Hounslow, officers arrested four Indian men, three for entering the UK illegally, one for over-staying his visa. All were detained and now face removal from the UK.
Landlords of the properties in Staines Road and Bath Road will now face investigation by Hounslow Council’s rogue landlords team.

I spotted this ‘Anti-Raids Network’ website whilst seeing if I could get more nitty gritty on these Beds in Sheds raids. This organisation seems to be doing its level best to keep illegal immigrants in our country so they can take our jobs and live in sheds with crooked landlords making ‘shed loads of money from’ them.
Anti-Raids Network might be better employed stopping old people being turfed out of their homes of decades because they have a bedroom not in use. Something that wouldn’t need to happen if our country hadn’t been deliberately overcrowded with immigrants.


LINK to Anti-Raids site

Sham marriage.

eunigeriaA couple have been jailed for attempting to enter into a sham marriage at Swindon register office.
Nigerian national Mukaila Abijo, 27, and Portuguese “bride” Vanessa Mendes, 21, were arrested by UKBA officers moments before their ceremony was due to take place on Monday 11th February.
They were called in after register office staff raised suspicions about the couple, who did not seem to speak the same language and knew very little about each other.
Investigators discovered that Mendes had flown into the UK the day before the ceremony and had a return flight to Portugal booked for that evening.
Abijo, who lived at Pottle Close in Botley, Oxford, had paid around six thousand pounds to go through the ceremony and hoped to gain leave to remain in the UK after marrying an EEA national. Both later pleaded guilty to perjury and conspiring to breach immigration laws.
During a hearing at Swindon Crown Court on Friday 24th May Abijo was sentenced to 2 years in prison, while Mendes was jailed for 16 months. Both will face deportation at the end of their sentence.


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