The Day of the Donkey

Posted: May 21, 2013 in General, Law & Disorder

o-DONKEYS-KILLED-PENSIONER-570A disabled pensioner has died after he was dragged off his scooter by two donkeys – which then trampled and bit him so viciously that when his body was found it was believed he had been mauled by wolves.
Sandor Horvath, 65, was chased and pulled off the scooter at a farm in Magyarszecsod, Hungary. His mutilated remains were found by the farm owner who called the police, believing his friend had been attacked by wild dogs.
But a postmortem revealed the injuries had been inflicted by donkeys, and police who pieced together the evidence said it appeared that the animals had chased the geezer and dragged him off the scooter before killing him.
The farmer’s daughter Csikos Darda said: “I had noticed that the donkeys were becoming increasingly aggressive and I’d asked my father to do something about it, but he’d said they were fine.”
A vet told local media: “Donkeys aren’t usually aggressive towards humans. “They probably reacted like this as they thought the victim was intruding upon their territory.”
The two donkeys will now be put down.

More illegal workers caught

mosqueSeven men from Pakistan and India have been have been found working illegally at the Mosque Kitchen in Nicolson Square, Edinburgh on 15th May. Checks on the immigration status of staff revealed six men from Pakistan and one from India aged between 22 and 57 who had no right to work in the UK. Five of the men have been detained pending their removal from the UK, while the other two must report to the police on a regular basis while their outstanding immigration applications are concluded, yeah of course they will.

Two businesses in Milton Keynes are facing fines following raids by immigration enforcement officers.
Operations were carried out at Papa Luigi Dial-a-Pizza on Heathfield industrial estate in Stacey Bushes and the Eastern Paradise restaurant on Church Street, Wolverton on the evening of Thursday 16th May. Officers carried out immigration checks on members of staff at both locations.
At Papa Luigi a 34-year-old man from Pakistan was arrested for over-staying his visa. He was detained pending his removal from the UK.
At Eastern Paradise three illegal workers from Bangladesh were arrested. A 36-year-old man had entered the UK illegally, while two men aged 36 and 28 discovered hiding in a basement were found to have over-stayed their visas. All three were detained and now face removal from the UK.

Five immigration offenders have been arrested following a crackdown on illegal working in Tooting. Power to the people!
Home Office immigration enforcement officers visited three businesses on Thursday 16th May, questioning individuals to check if they had the right to be in the UK.
At Azeem Halal Meat & Grocery, Upper Tooting Road, which was visited at about 10:30, they arrested two Pakistani men aged 24 and 30 who had both overstayed their visas.
Officers then visited Dimples Beauty, Upper Tooting Road, at about 11:35 where a 26-year-old Pakistani woman was arrested for overstaying her visa.
At Chittapa Restaurant & Bar, London Road, which was visited at about 13:50, officers arrested two Indian men. One, aged 25, had overstayed his visa while a 46-year-old had entered the country illegally.
All those arrested are in immigration detention pending removal from the UK apart from the 46-year-old who has been placed on immigration bail while steps are taken to remove him that’s if they can find the geezer again.


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