Gary Lineker advert

Posted: May 7, 2013 in General
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Here’s another wind up advert, this time it’s got ‘Mrs W’ spitting feathers.
Gary Lineker travels the length and breadth of Britain to find delicious home grown ingredients for Walkers Crisps. Free range chickens from Devon for chicken flavour crisps, mind you I would have thought the chicken flavour was made from boiled down bits food producers can’t use. Cheddar cheese for cheese flavour from Somerset that’s fair enough I suppose but where near the coast do they get fresh prawns for their prawn flavour crisps, nowhere they seek out fresh tomatoes from the Vale of Evesham so how come the crisps are called prawn cocktail surely that’s against trade description laws.

Bulldozing houses

We’re short of houses, old people are being chucked out of council houses so immigrants have somewhere to live while they take our jobs so why are we letting Tesco bulldoze houses?

Nitty gritty here


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