Polish doctor struck off

Posted: May 3, 2013 in NHS WATCH

A Polish doctor has been struck off after scoring less than 17.5% in a performance test, ‘Gor blimey’ he only needed 52% to pass what sort of test only needs someone to get over half right.
carry_matron_1228795aA panel found that Dr Wlodzimierz Szepielow, a neurologist, posed “a risk of serious harm” to patients.
Dr Szepielow was initially suspended from Ninewells Hospital in Dundee after the death of one of his patients from a prolonged seizure.
The score was the lowest an assessor with more than 15 years experience could remember.
On Thursday the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service found the consultant doctor’s continued work could lead to the death of patients.
It said his performance had “deteriorated” since he was last assessed in 2010 and was now “beyond remediation”.

The panel had found that Dr Szepielow’s serious departure from Good Medical Practice, as concluded by the assessment team, demonstrates behaviour fundamentally incompatible with being a doctor.
Following his arrival in the UK in 2005 Dr Szepielow was the subject of several complaints by patients as well as concerns raised by colleagues over the following two years. Doesn’t anyone check whether these foreign doctors are fit for purpose before they take a job in the UK?
A review of a selection of Dr Szepielow’s outpatients led to his suspension by the Tayside NHS Trust in 2007 after the death of a patient with status epilepticus – a prolonged seizure.

The GMC launched an assessment of the neurologist’s professional performance when he was brought to its attention in 2009.
In July 2011 a GMC panel found Dr Szepielow ‘s “deficient professional performance” was impairing his fitness to practise, but allowed him to continue to work under special conditions for 18 months.

Following his performance in the knowledge test and additional medical exams last year he was suspended from practise in March.
Dr Szepielow, whose contract with NHS Tayside was terminated last year, was not present or represented at Thursday’s hearing.
In December new figures from the GMC showed that three quarters of doctors struck off the medical register last year were trained overseas. The country with the biggest single number of doctors who have been removed or suspended from the medical register, was India, followed by Nigeria and Egypt.


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