Black James Bond

Posted: April 13, 2013 in Uncategorized
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The name’s Bond, I’m a black Bond.
Word on the street says in the next Bond film James Bond will be played by a black actor, how ‘diabondical’ is that.
bondI remember as a nipper reading Ian Fleming’s Bond books, no tv those days – sunny days play football in the park wet days read a book, the image in my mind formed when reading the book was a white James Bond, in a tuxedo, gun in hand with a tasty woman by his side. When the first Bond film, Dr No (1962) came out Sean Connery was that character.
How can anyone consider changing the colour of such a charismatic character as James Bond, the world has gone bonkers.
I wonder what sort of uproar would greet the news that Martin Luther King was to be played by some white geezer, I tried to think of a black fictitious character but couldn’t so had to use a real person as my comparison. It might be that the Bond producers are doing what the government often does, leak out an outrageous policy and if there is an uproar drop it before it damages their popularity.
By the way Colin Salmon is the name being bandied about to play black Bond.

Sham marriage foiled

Officers from the Home Office Immigration Enforcement team attended Montrose Street registration office, Glasgow at around 10.30 on Tuesday 9th April 2013. They arrested a 27-year-old Pakistani man who was in the country illegally having over-stayed his visa. He was detained and now faces removal from the UK. His would-be bride, a 32-year-old Lithuanian woman, was questioned by officers and later released.


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