Romanian robbers jailed for 82 years….

Posted: April 9, 2013 in Law & Disorder

…. mind you it was a 10 man gang so in fact they got an eight year sentence probably out in four.

To read full ‘NITTY GRITTY’

To see video of gang in action click on image.


The gang of Romanian robbers came to Britain to raid jewellery shops and lived in tents on the roadside. Judge Timothy Pontius jailed the gang for 82 years as a warning to other crooks tempted to follow in the influx of Eastern European immigrants coming to Britain later this year.

My water bill update.

I actually had an email from Southern Water after I complained about the exorbitant increase this year.(see previous blog). Apparently the stated balance from last year is not the true balance for that year but the balance the year before less the credit accrued. They are sending me another bill to explain it fully.


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