Southern Water ripping me off.

Posted: April 6, 2013 in Law & Disorder
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Have a good look at your water bill.

Our Southern Water bill which dropped through the Weller letter box the other day saw a rise of 11.2%. Last year it was £500.92 this year even though last year saw the heaviest rainfall since 1910 the bill is £556.69. Let’s face it the water comes free from the sky, it’s pumped through pipes that were there long before water went private and the waste, condoms, toilet paper and women’s ‘thingys’ are dumped into the sea as holidaymakers on our beaches last year will testify.
According to the BBC news the inflation rate is running around 2.7% which means my new water rate is 4 times the rate of inflation.
Ofwat chief executive Regina Finn said “Southern Water bills will be rising by 5.3% with an average payment of £449”. Well excuse me ‘luv’ you’re talking out of your ‘Khyber Pass’ my bill is double that rate!
She also says that the increase, half a percentage point higher than the rate of inflation, was not as high as the water companies had wanted. Where did you go to school, 2.7% to 5.3% is a tad more than half a percentage.
Another inane remark made was that “on average, households will see their water bill rise by about £13 for the year from April”. So how come I’ve got a £56 rise, someone must be getting a massive reduction to make £13 the average?

Needless to say I’ve complained to Southern Water but I am not expecting a reply so I expect I will be cut and pasting this text and emailing my Tory MP.


Two consecutive days, two sham marriages.

Two people have been arrested by immigration officers just moments before they were due to take part in suspected ‘sham weddings’ at Camden Town Hall.
Acting on information provided by Camden council that the relationships in question may not be genuine, officers from the Home Office immigration enforcement team attended the register office on Judd Street on two separate occasions on 27th and 28th March.
During the first operation on Wednesday 27th March a 37-year-old Peruvian woman was arrested for working in breach of her visa conditions ahead of her marriage to a 70-year-old British man.

The following day a 22-year-old Algerian man was arrested for entering the UK illegally. He was attempting to marry a 20-year-old French woman.
Both immigration offenders have been detained pending their removal from the UK, while their would-be partners were questioned by officers and released.


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