Nigerian fraudster boomerang

Posted: March 26, 2013 in Law & Disorder
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Nigerian fraudster Johnson Tetede was chucked out of Britain in 2009 after trying to buy a false passport and again last April after trying to use a passport to swindle money from a bank.

But the fraudster returned to the UK within months, don’t they check anyone at airports these days, and was arrested with a bag of half inched (pinched) documents, bank cards and cheques.
Tetede, 32, of Romford, Essex, was jailed for a year at Snaresbrook Crown Court yesterday (Monday) after admitting burglary and handling stolen goods.
The judge heard how a member of the public photographed him trying to steal from communal mail boxes in a block of flats last August. Well done that man.
Police later arrested him on a bus in east London, the fraudster not the member of the public although he could have been arrested for invasion of the fraudster’s privacy by filming him nicking stuff. Tetede was carrying a bag containing HM Revenue and Customs cheques, bank cards and digital numbers for bank balances. One of the cards was a NatWest credit card that had gone missing in the post a fortnight earlier.

Helen Owen, prosecuting, told the court Tetede had been seen looking in communal mail boxes in the flats in Wapping by resident Daniel Rawlings.
Ms Owen said: “Mr Rawlings was able to take several photos of him, while the defendant was protesting he had not taken any mail.
“The defendant targets premises with the intention of stealing items he can use for the purpose of fraud, such as bank cards, cheques and correspondence capable of supporting a false identity.”

Snaresbrook Crown Court was told it was not clear how he entered the country after being removed.
He was jailed for nine months for burglary and another three for handling stolen goods and told he faces deportation to Nigeria when released. Oh don’t make me laugh he’s the Nigerian boomerang, as Arnie would say “I’ll be bark” well that what it sounds like to me.



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