Broken Britain roundup

Posted: March 22, 2013 in Broken Britain, General, Law & Disorder
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Read all about it, sham marriage, ASDA dodgy goings on, snow plough shoes, gas running out and cash bonds to make illegals go home!

Poles apart

An immigration offender from Algeria was arrested just moments before he was due to take part in a suspected sham marriage at Liverpool register office.
Acting on a tip off UK Border Agency officers attended St George’s Hall in Liverpool just before 11:00 Tuesday 19th March.
Just before the ceremony began officers intervened and the 29-year-old man was arrested for overstaying his visa and remaining in the UK illegally. He had been due to marry a 25-year-old Polish woman. The bride was questioned by officers and released, while the Algerian man has been detained pending his removal from the UK.

Snaky ASDA

tatoesHere’s a snaky thing to watch out for, ASDA red potatoes. Mrs ‘W’ bought a 2½kgs bag last week for £2.40, this week they were £1.95 what a bargain you may think. Alas no, Mrs ‘W’ spotted the bag has been reduced to 2kgs so in fact per kg they have gone up 1½p. Nice try ASDA but no coconut!

Talking about ASDA

Asda has withdrawn tens of thousands of its own brand corned beef after it was found to contain up to 50 per cent horsemeat.
The supermarket removed the £1.54 products from stores across Britain two weeks ago on March 8th and tests this week showed quantities of horse DNA above trace levels. Leicestershire County Council found the ingredients of one batch of the 340g tins were half horse, but Leeds-based Asda has insisted it only found levels of up to five per cent.

Shoe snow plough

showploughFound this on Instructables normally a great place for info on making something useful or interesting out of junk you can find laying around. On this occasion I can’t see Dragons Den going for this.
If you fancy making a pair of snow plough daisy roots (boots).
Here’s the link

Gas warning.

More collateral damage from filling our country with millions of migrants over the last few decades, more people more usage of energy.

Cash bonds to ensure that immigrants return home

What a load of cobblers, illegals pay more than that for fake documents and such like. Are they really going to go back home for the sake of getting their £1,000 back, some of the overstayers probably get that in benefits every month.


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