Restaurateur was people smuggler

Posted: March 19, 2013 in Law & Disorder
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A restaurant boss who made shed loads of money by smuggling illegal immigrants into the country was jailed for eight years yesterday.

3461052681Shuhel Chowdhury used fake documents and told ‘porky pies’ (lies) to immigration officials to try to help 30 Bangladeshis gain entry into the UK as part of nine “family visit” visa applications. The 48-year-old charged several thousand pounds for each application.

Chowdhury was arrested by the UK Border Agency’s South London Criminal and Financial Investigation team at his home in Arragon Road, East Ham, in September 2011.
Investigators found forged bank statements and utility bills, which he had used to support the fraudulent applications, and discovered Chowdhury had lied under oath to the Immigration and Asylum Tribunal when he appealed because the applications were turned down. He must have had some ‘bottle’ (bottle and glass = arse) to turn up in court to appeal or very confident he wouldn’t be caught.

His confidence was warranted when six out of the nine applications being granted. A UK Border Agency spokesman confirmed officials will review the cases of the individuals involved. That’s if they can find them now.

Chowdhury, who owns a Tandoori restaurant in Battersea, was charged with nine counts of assisting unlawful immigration in May last year. A jury convicted him at Croydon Crown Court on January 18th, ahead of his sentencing this week.

More illegal workers caught.

CinnamonSix illegal workers have been arrested in raids in Bournemouth, Poole and Ferndown.
Border Agency officers went to Cinnamon, Victoria Road, Ferndown on 14th March and questioned staff about their immigration status. Checks revealed that three men from Bangladesh, aged 22, 35 and 38, had overstayed their visas, while a 33-year-old, also from Bangladesh, had entered the UK illegally. The four, who had been working as waiters and in the restaurant’s kitchen, were arrested.

On the same evening, a raid was carried out at Gurkha 2, Christchurch Road, Boscombe, Bournemouth. There, a 35-year-old Nepalese man working in the kitchen was found to have overstayed his visa and was arrested.

Earlier in the week on the 12th March, officers caught a 29-year-old man from Pakistan working illegally selling handbags from a stand in Poole’s Dolphin Centre. Checks revealed he was working in breach of the conditions of his student visa.
All six illegal workers were taken to Poole police station for further questioning after their arrest. Four are being transferred to immigration detention to await removal from the UK. The men aged 33 and 35 from Cinnamon have been released to report weekly to a local police station, that’s if they don’t ‘scarper’ (Scapa Flow = go).

Meanwhile in Oxford

Malikas RestaurantTwo restaurants are facing fines for employing illegal workers following raids. Border Agency officers visited the Malikas Restaurant on Cowley Road at around 14:00 on Thursday 14th March, where checks on staff were carried out.
Two were found to be working illegally. A 31-year-old man from Bangladesh was found to be working in breach of his visa conditions and was arrested and detained pending his removal from the UK. A 41-year-old, also from Bangladesh, who had over-stayed his visa was granted immigration bail while his case is dealt with. Oh for goodness sake what is the point of catching them then letting them go again, is it to sustain jobs.

Officers then moved on to the Temple Lounge on Temple Street, where they again carried out checks on staff. A 22-year-old Egyptian national was found to have over-stayed his visa and was arrested and detained pending his removal, while a 32-year-old Palestinian man, who had entered the UK illegally, was granted immigration bail while his case is dealt with. Bail, the mind boggles.


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