Nigerian jailed for trafficking.

Posted: March 14, 2013 in Law & Disorder
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I thought it had been a bit quiet on dodgy Nigerians lately.

358sc1tOn Monday 11th March a geezer from north London, or as I would say ‘norf’ London, was banged up for 14 years for being involved in the trafficking of two Nigerian teenagers.

Odosa Usiobaifo, 35, of Keats Close, Scotland Green Road, Enfield, was found guilty of conspiring to traffick for the purposes of sexual exploitation following a four-week trial at Isleworth crown court. He pleaded guilty to conspiring to facilitate illegal immigration earlier on in the trial.
The jury heard how the girls, who were aged 14 and 15 at the time, were stopped by Border Force officers at Heathrow airport separately on 17th September and 23rd November 2011 using false passports showing they were adults. They had arrived on flights from Lagos and were attempting to transit to Paris. This is where the British trait of fair play lets us down. Why not let them go to Paris so they’re someone elses problem?

During interviews with the Serious Organised Crime Agency’s Vulnerable Persons team it became clear that the pair were being trafficked to mainland Europe, via London, for the purposes of sexual exploitation. They were placed in local authority care but on 6th April 2012 were reported missing to Sussex police by their respective foster carers. They disappeared, now there’s a surprise NOT!
Investigations revealed that contact had been made with the girls and Usiobaifo had collected them from a pre-arranged meeting point before they were given false passports and tickets and placed on a flight to Spain.
One of the girls was refused entry to Spain and returned to the UK. How come we don’t refuse entry instead of forking out £1,000s on court cases, foster homes, appeals then a houses and benefits when we decide it’s too dangerous to send them back where they came from? Anyway she remains in the care of the UK authorities, the other passed through Spanish border controls and is still missing.

Usiobaifo was arrested at his flat in Enfield on 3rd September 2012 alongside his partner Katie Igha, 25.
On Thursday 7th March a jury found Usiobaifo guilty of all charges but acquitted Igha of trafficking. They failed to reach a verdict on a charge of conspiring to facilitate against Igha.

Illegals making beds

Six illegal workers have been arrested following a UK Border Agency raid on a bed factory in Wakefield.
Acting on intelligence, and with assistance from West Yorkshire police, officers visited Times Beds, Warneford Avenue, Ossett, on Wednesday 6th March where they questioned staff to check if they had the right to work in the UK.
A 27-year-old Indian man and Pakistani men aged 27 and 30 were found to have overstayed their visas, Pakistani men aged 28 and 42 had entered the country illegally while a 26-year-old Indian man was arrested as an illegal worker.
All are currently in immigration detention while the UK Border Agency takes steps to remove them from the country at the earliest opportunity.

This is so British

A couple cut off the rear wall of their beach hut to protest against a council decision to increase the rent by 12%. Barbara Grace, 62, and partner Alan Sarfas, 57, were outraged when they were told that the ground rent for their hut which they use all year round was set to go up to £787 from £702.
But they found that they could get round the increase by reducing the overall size of their 10ft by 8ft 6ins hut overlooking the North Sea at Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Instead of paying the extra cash, they used an electric saw powered by a generator to slice off 18 inches from the rear to reduce its overall floor area.

Read all about it!



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