Albanian people transporting gang

Posted: February 27, 2013 in Law & Disorder, NHS WATCH
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A gang suspected of helping dozens of Albanian migrants attempt to reach the UK illegally has been broken up following a joint investigation involving UK Border Agency officers and Italian police. Ben fatto polizia italiana, you didn’t know I did schoolboy Italian did you.

Albanian_Italian_biometric_PassportThe gang, which was based in Turin, charged their punters up to £4,300 for a package of fake Italian identity documents and flight tickets. These would be used to board planes to Stansted, Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester from regional airports in Italy, with the eventual intention of working illegally in the UK. My blog shows there’s plenty of vacancies for illegal workers in the UK.

Working with the Italian authorities, officers from the risk and liaison overseas network (RALON) tracked the migrants and had already prevented around 40 Albanian nationals from boarding flights.
On 17th February, following an 18 month investigation initiated by UK officers in London and Italy and the Italian border police in Turin, two Albanian men aged 52 and 26, believed to be the gang’s ringleaders, were arrested by the Italian authorities. They remain in custody. Another twenty-eight suspected collaborators were cautioned pending further investigation.

By the way

Some 27,725 Romanians were arrested for offences in London over the past five years including 10 for murder and more than 140 for rape. Romanians came second only to Poles, who accounted for 34,905 arrests, including 84 for murder and almost 130 for rape.

My daily NHS item.

jg34WKSEe5b6tIzBUCmFbzEWp4fAn elderly woman was left injured on a pavement for more than three hours after an ambulance controller told her son to stop being a nuisance as he repeatedly called for help.
Iris Burton, 84, fell near her house in Ratby, Leicester, leaving her with a broken hip and fractured shoulder blade earlier this month. The incident occurred on February 15th when Mrs Burton fell while walking home just before 6pm. Being unable to move, she cried for out help for about 10 minutes in the dark before a local woman came to her aid. Paramedics were called as well as Mr Philip Burton, her son.

After the widow was left waiting for an ambulance for more than an hour, her son, Philip, was told by a controller to “stop being a nuisance” when he sought an update. He had arrived to find his mother in agony but NHS Direct officers told him she should not be moved.
Mr Burton, 53, from Leicester, tried to make his mother comfortable and to keep her warm with hot water bottles and duvets from her house.

She eventually waited three and a half hours for paramedics who then took her to Leicester Royal Infirmary, where she had an operation to mend a broken hip.


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