Shed People are amongst us!

Posted: February 20, 2013 in Law & Disorder
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“They seek them here, they seek them there, they seek the shed people everywhere.”

Thousands of migrants living illegally in sheds and garages are to be flushed out by thermal images taken from the air by Slough Borough Council.
The photographs will reveal if heat is coming from the outbuildings, indicating that they are inhabited. Mind you will these thermal images differentiate between immigrants and the old blokes pottering in their shed or working on old cars and motorcycles in their garages.

Slough Borough Council believes that up to 3,000 shed people are being housed in these unsafe and primitive makeshift homes which often lack heating or running water. I suppose the dwellers don’t have a khazi to pony and trap (crap) in either.

A plane fitted with state-of-the-art kit will fly over the town as Slough becomes the first local authority in the UK to use thermal imaging to root out people living illegally in outbuildings.
The council has warned that if the cameras detect where workers are living, their sheds may be bulldozed. That’s going to be tricky getting a bulldozer into someone’s back garden.

The council has commissioned geographic imaging company Bluesky International to produce a thermal map of the town, which officers will use to pin-point warm areas in outbuildings, indicating where humans may be living. I bet a few cannabis factories will be found too.

All that technology doesn’t come cheap, a better and cheaper and more foolproof way to root these shed people out would be to set up a Shed People ‘grass-up’ telephone line. Freephone of course not like other government help lines that cost the caller bundles of money. A geezer from the council, The Shed Patrol, could go and knock on the door of the ‘grassed up’ dodgy landlord and save shed loads of money and this new organisation will create many jobs too.


Percy’s impression of Slough Borough Council dealing with illegal dwellings.

I know Slough isn’t a mountainous area but you try and find images of drones firing missiles over a built up area.


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