Tory Turk tried to rig election

Posted: February 9, 2013 in Law & Disorder

Turkish businessman who tried to rig a borough council has been jailed for a year.
KE VICTORIA 271112 GB6_lCengizhan Cerit, who goes by the name Jem Cerit, forged signatures on electoral documents in order to be nominated as the Tory candidate in a by-election in Beaver ward in November 2011.

Cerit, of Primrose Drive, Kingsnorth, denied three charges of electoral fraud, but was convicted following a trial. The landlord, who owns 68 houses and has more than 300 tenants and who owns fast-food chain Perfect Pizza, had stood for election in May 2011 and polled 335 votes losing out to two other candidates who polled 481 and 479 votes.
However, four months later one of the councillors, Brendan Naughton, died – causing a by-election.

When interviewed by the local Conservative Association on October 25th, Cerit was selected as the party’s candidate but when he filled in nomination forms mistakes were found in the signatures. He was caught out by a spelling error involving a geezer called Arnold Madzianura and supposedly another geezer called Anorld Madzianura who lived at a different address but didn’t exist.
On a closer butchers (butchers hook, look) all but one of the signatures on the form was false.
Mr Alex Chalk, prosecuting said a week before the deadline for applications to vote by post, officials received a list of 200 names and addresses in Beaver Ward wanting to register to make a postal vote.
He said: “The information on these lists were found to be inaccurate because some of the individuals recorded as wanting postal votes already had them, some of them were recorded on both lists and other names were recorded as no longer being resident at the address.”

Big Brother CCTV confirmed the geezer who had delivered the forms was Cengizhan Cerit.
An investigation was launched and police raided a first floor office above Perfect Pizza in Bank Street, Ashford, and Cerit was arrested.

Cerit lost by by 87 votes so if the dodgy 200 postal votes had gone through he would be a Tory councillor now.


Arrests for people smuggling

A score of people (20) have been arrested by UK Border Agency targeting suspected people smuggling gangs in Britain.
At around 6am on 6th February 2013 around 200 officers carried out simultaneous raids on 35 addresses across the UK; in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Coventry, Peterborough, Stoke-on-Trent, Sheffield, Warwickshire and Hampshire.
The arrests were part of a joint investigation between UK and law enforcement agencies in France and Belgium, which also saw more than 40 raids take place in those countries.
Those arrested are suspected of being part of an alleged criminal network believed to assist illegal immigrants attempt to reach the UK by smuggling them in the back of lorries travelling through the Channel ports.
It is reckoned that clients could be charged between £2,000 and £6,000 a ‘pop’ to be taken to the UK.
Those arrested are all aged between 18 and 38. In addition computers, documents, cash and mobile phones were seized from a number of addresses and will now be examined.
Also arrested were 6 people for offences unrelated to the investigation at addresses in Manor Park, Palmers Green and Southall in London and at an address in Southsea, Hampshire.

Sham marriage foiled

A wanna-be groom has been detained after he was arrested by the UK Border Agency shortly before his planned wedding in Cambridge.
UK Border Agency officers went to Cambridge register office, Castle Street, on Monday (4th February) after receiving a tip off that an immigration offender from Egypt was planning to get married there.
Arriving before the wedding, officers stopped the ceremony from going ahead and arrested the 31-year-old groom. Immigration checks revealed he was an Egyptian national who had over-stayed his leave to remain in the UK. The man has been transferred to immigration detention pending his removal from the UK. The man’s planned bride, a Polish national, was questioned, but no further action was taken against her. Ah well always a bridesmaid never the bride.

Horseburger scandal

‘Ere’s a thing, tomorrow the 10th is Chinese New Year which this year is represented by the snake it’s not until 2014 that it is the year of the Horse. Obviously all this dodgy horse meat posing as beef has been found one year too soon.

Beatles show advert

I don’t know if you have seen the tv advert for a West End show to celebrate the 50th Anniversary called ‘Let It Be’ but it is beginning to piss me off. The producers have gone to the trouble to get four actors/musicians who look like the Beatles, well almost and to take off their mannerisms like Ringo’s shoulder shrug and head tossing, Paul’s waving his head about like a nodding dog and Lennon’s stiff stance right on top of the microphone, I was a Rolling Stones man myself, but the producers couldn’t be bothered to find a left handed guitarist for McCartney. If you’re going to do a show like this at least get it right!




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