Old woman left to starve to death.

Posted: February 6, 2013 in Broken Britain, Law & Disorder, NHS WATCH
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Thanks to a company employing illegal workers a pensioner starved to death.

_65651381_photo1Gloria Foster,81, a former secretary, who had no children and whose husband died 30 years ago, was incapacitated after a stroke and relied on four visits a day for basic needs. She had been receiving care at her home in Banstead from Carefirst24 until it was closed after a raid by the UKBA. The company’s books were then passed on to the Metropolitan police and the council, which would have assumed responsibility for her care. Unfortunately for the ‘old girl’ nobody bothered.
Gloria was discovered by a district nurse and she was taken to Epsom hospital on January 24th, she died on Monday. She was severely dehydrated, suffering kidney failure, had serious bed sores and only a faint pulse.
A spokesman for the UKBA said it had met local authorities to warn them of the raid so they could arrange alternative care for the company’s clients.

Six people had been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud and conspiracy to assist foreign nationals at Carefirst24’s office in Sutton on January 15th. All were bailed until various dates in April.

Carefirst24 is owned by Mahen Caussyram. According to company’s website, which is now “down due to essential maintenance”: ‘Mahen is a family man who takes his responsibilities quite seriously. He enjoys spending time at home with family and friends. Mr Caussyram is a registered nurse who ‘developed an interest in human resource management’ and worked as an ‘activities coordinator’.

Hard cheese for soft cheese riding illegals

illegalsSeven wanna-be immigrants, four of whom claim they are children – mind you our soft authorities see an 18-year old as a child – who were locked in a refrigerated lorry carrying a load of cheese and bound for Dover have been discovered.
The group, four Afghans and three Iranians, were found in Dunkerque, France, at around 10am on Friday, February 1st. I’m surprised they weren’t Kurds, cheese – curds and whey- get it?

Border Force officers noticed that the door handle had been cut but the Slovakian-registered lorry was locked. When they opened it up they found the illegals hiding amongst a load of soft cheese. The temperature inside the trailer was minus two degrees centigrade, not much higher outside if you think about it.
The four so called children, who were supposedly aged between nine and 16, and one of the adults were judged to be suffering from hypothermia and were taken to hospital. The lorry was due to board a midday ferry and from Dover would have continued its journey to Milton Keynes, the town of plastic cows.
The Bulgarian lorry driver was interviewed by French police but later released without charge. Humpf, he didn’t notice his lorry door handle had been cut?
The five taken to hospital were later given the all-clear by doctors and were handed over to the French authorities, along with the remaining two stowaways.
Hard cheese for them, if they had made it to the UK and got access to the internet they would have been able to get all the info about our benefit system on the UK’s Largest Immigrant Community web site


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