Olympian jailed for using false documents

Posted: January 16, 2013 in Law & Disorder
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I was only saying the other day I haven’t heard how many foreign Olympians didn’t go back home when their visas ran out in November, here’s the first one to hit the news.

MASONS_OLYMPIC_AFRICAN_01_mSwimmer Ayouba-Ali Sihame, 18, was one of only seven people to represent her country Comoros, the third smallest African island. But after coming last in the heats of the women’s 100 metre freestyle heats, more than 20 seconds behind the fastest competitor, she ‘scarpered’ from the Olympic village and disappeared onto the streets of London.

Apparently Sihame had been promised to a 60-year-old man – who already has two wives – by her parents who wanted to cash in on her celebrity status. The country, which is among the poorest in Africa, is heavily dependent on foreign aid and allows multiple marriages.

Anyway the swimmer, who also represents her French-speaking Indian Ocean island in volleyball, claimed her only chance of freedom was to live rough. She arranged a fake French passport in the name of Mouniate Mhoussini in preparation for a new life in Paris. Hmmm, living rough but smart enough to know the right people to provide her ‘iffy’ documents. The dodgy docs were spotted by border officials as she tried to cross the channel to France on October 5th last year and she was arrested.

Dear oh dear, had she applied for asylum through the do-gooder networks she would probably have been granted leave to stay in, suckers for a sob story, Britain because of the persecution she claimed to face at home. Persecution, more like nagging from her parents for not marrying the old geezer.

Sihame’s lawyer told the court she had not realised she was entitled to apply for asylum as soon as she entered the UK legally. Sihame admitted trying to leave Britain using false documents at Canterbury Crown Court and was jailed for eight months. Sentencing her on January 9th, Judge Adele Williams told the sportswoman: “Identity theft in the world which we live now is a serious matter. That is why the courts in the UK take such a serious view of this offence”.

Still all’s well that ends well her lawyer has now confirmed the Olympian had applied for asylum claiming she now faces death for shaming her family. Faces death, oh come on we’ve already been told she is a valuable commodity for her parents as a prospective bride.

Horseburgers, neigh that will never do.

Horse meat has been found in beef burger products, according to the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, in one sample from Tesco, the level of horse DNA indicated that horse meat accounted for approximately 29% relative to the beef content.
The beef burger products which tested positive for horse DNA were produced by two processing plants, Liffey Meats, or should that read Iffy Meats, and Silvercrest Foods, in Ireland and another plant in the UK, Dalepak Hambleton and were on sale in Tesco, Dunnes Stores, Lidl, Aldi and Iceland in Ireland and the UK.
The retailers told the FSAI that they are removing all implicated batches from sale while Silvercrest Foods confirmed it was withdrawing all products from sale and replacing them with new products.
Ireland’s Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney told the Irish Farmers’ Association AGM that he was “very annoyed” at the discovery of horse meat in burgers and wanted to know “how on earth” a test result of 29% horse meat in a beef burger could come from a factory that does not slaughter horses or buy horse meat.



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