NHS lose bonus for killing people

Posted: January 15, 2013 in Broken Britain, Law & Disorder
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NHS-SIGNHospitals will no longer be able to make money by putting patients on the Liverpool Care Pathway to death. For those who don’t know, ‘moby dick’ (sick) and elderly people are starved and denied water until they die.
More than 130,000 people are killed this way every year, 60,000 of them without family consent. Probably Toff/Tories way of freeing up beds and cutting the cost of elderly care.
Up to now NHS trusts have been receiving six-figure sums for using this killing off sick and elderly scheme.
Freedom of Information requests show Aintree University Hospitals Trust, in Liverpool, received £308,000 last year for achieving ‘goals including the Liverpool Care Pathway’. Part of the money was tied to it achieving an LCP figure of 43% against a target of 35%.
Salford Royal NHS Trust however had LCP-linked payments halved for failing to hit the killing targets.

Talking about dead people

CR72373-01A businessman with a double life who claimed benefits in Croydon has been convicted of fraud.
Stephen Sussams, 59, falsely claimed nearly £15,000 in housing and council tax benefit after failing to tell Croydon Council that he had moved to Dartmouth and begun two businesses.
He hid the fact that he was landlord of the Royal Dart Hotel, a gourmet pub in the Devon town that served £125 champagne and truffle burgers, allowing him to pocket £14,625 of council money between October 2010 and March 2012.

He also received £17,600 in carer fees as payment for looking after a man who was actually ‘brown bread’ (dead), withdrawing the money in instalments Keith Dickinson’s bank account after he had died in August 2008.
Apparently Sussams was a live-in carer for the seriously ill Mr Dickinson at his flat in Marston Way, Norbury, from 2002 until 2008. Croydon Council had paid money directly in Mr Dickinson’s account to help him pay for his care and did not stop the payments as it was not aware he had died.
Sussams claimed he thought the money was a pension paid by Peter Stringfellow, and denied theft, dishonestly making a false statement or representation and three count of fraud by failing to disclose information.
However Sussams was jailed for a year on Friday, 11th January, at Croydon Crown Court.

Gay Games coming to London?

Prime Minister David Cameron and London Mayor Boris Johnson have come out in support of London’s bid to host the 2018 Gay Games as part of the 2012 Olympic legacy.
Oh no not more taxpayers’ money being spent on people, mostly foreigners, doing ‘sporty things’ in London. I suppose our Union Flag will be suitably changed into shades of pink like the blue black version for 2012 Olympics. Anyway surely these games are discriminatory, heterosexuals not allowed to take part. I’m still waiting to see how many of the foreign Olympians whose visas ran out at the end of November 2012 haven’t gone home yet.
The Games, which are held every four years, would be expected to attract around 12,000 participants from 70 nations. Having begun in San Francisco in 1982, its next staging in 2014 will be in Cleveland, Ohio.



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