Bigamist jailed for sham marriage

Posted: January 10, 2013 in Broken Britain, Law & Disorder
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A woman from Leicester has been sentenced to 15 months in jail at Downpatrick crown court for her part in an attempted sham marriage.
Mind you it has taken long enough for Border Agency to call her to account they stopped the wedding taking place at Downpatrick register office on 5th October 2011.

14nnrrnAyesha Mullan, 26, had flown to Belfast that day along with an Indian man who she had met only twice before and travelled on to Downpatrick where the wedding was planned to take place.
Following her arrest, Mullan admitted marrying other men in sham marriages both in the UK and India after meeting the grooms only briefly. She also admitted that she had been married to a British man since 2010.

The wanna-be groom in Downpatrick, 38-year-old Salauddin Daudbhai Bhadki was sentenced last year to 15 months in jail after pleading guilty to immigration offences at Downpatrick crown court. After serving his jail term, he has since been deported from the UK.

Mullan pleaded guilty on 19th November 2012 at the same court to Conspiracy to Assist Unlawful Immigration and Bigamy and was sentenced yesterday.

A box of hardly any sugared almonds

I do like eating sugared almonds and as per usual Mrs ‘W’ bought me a box as a Christmas treat. Yesterday I spotted them in the cupboard and decided to partake in eating them. On opening the box I was flabbergasted, my flabber was gasted. The almonds were so far down in the box I had to get a ladder from the garage to climb down into the box to get them.

Rip off Britain or what? Surely this is misrepresentation of goods, big box containing small amount of goods. How can this company Victoria get away with a box three times too large for the sweets; Queen Victoria would not be amused. All that wasted cardboard, all that wasted room on a pallet, lorries guzzling diesel to transport empty spaces their carbon credits must be in the minus figures, never mind they’re deliberately fooling the punter into thinking there’s more almonds than there are.



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